From the physical culture of young surfers from the sunny beaches of California emerged not to long ago a new phenomenon called “ bodybuilding”.  It was new, to only want to look strong and not compete for strength, like by example weightlifting. Bodybuilding received a major boost with the arrival of Arnold and Franco, who were contracted directly by Weider, the then wannabe rich and the wannabe famous.

It was for the first bodybuilders and competitive athletes, especially the weightlifters at that time, a whole gamble when they popped their first little, blue Dianabol tablet in their throat,   and later when they first started to inject muscle-enhancing substances, mainly testosterone derivatives, in the upper outer quarter of their buttock.

From body culture to art, nude and beyond..

Since its first official competition in 1977, which featured contestants sporting high heels, female bodybuilding has been a hotbed of gender-related controversy. From the start the female input had a faithful audience. Female bodybuilding gained popularity in the early 1980’s, took a dark turn into the 1990’s with a rampant drug use breading masculine female physiques.

When we age

When we age, the available amount of the male sex hormone testosterone declines.

What are the consequences and is it reversible or avoidable?

On the path to the shopping mall, a small bent fragile man shuffles behind his rollator. His movements appear a little bit slowed down. His clothes fall a little to wide.  With his small somewhat pale and entered face, he sometimes looks on a small note as to remember why and where he is. With the feeling that he can be blown away if the wind will get a bit stronger, I carefully pass the fragile bent guy, fearfully not to disturb or hit him. I start to wonder will this be my future? Will I end looking like this? This man must have been much stronger and taller when he was younger. These by all of us recognizable fragility is a consequence of gradual changes of the body when you grow older. Gradually you loose your power and stamina. Your resilience declines just like the amount of workload you can cope. What causes this fragility? What makes the difference between growing old but staying vital and being able to perform well until high age, and becoming so “fragile”?