Which One Wins As The Best Alternative To Steroids?

When Pro-Hormones first hit the scene, anticipation was high. But it didn’t take long before it became obvious that these compounds were pretty weak in replicating the muscle building effects of real steroids. And to make matters worse, they carried most of the same negative side effects of steroids. That was not a winning combination. Over the years there were (supposed) improvements, one pretty much as bad as the next, until a new invention hit the market – the designer steroid. These didn’t act as precursors to anabolic and androgenic receptors, instead, they were actual steroids that have been manipulated in a way that they were able to get in under the wire of being classified as a controlled substance. They actually worked pretty well. And they were the best legal alternative to anabolic steroids to date. But times have changed.

SARMS S-4 is a revolutionary advancement in the field of muscle development through anabolic enhancement. Simply put, SARMS targets the androgen receptors in a “selective” manner (Hence the term Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), zeroing in on the “good “ aspects while negating the bad(1). In this way, you get the benefits of enhanced androgenic effects – strength, increased muscle and heightened libido – without the negative side effects of traditional anabolic/androgenic steroids -- prostate enlargement(2), increased blood pressure, testicular atrophy, hair loss and elevated cholesterol(3)(4). And it does it all in an orally bio-available form that is not liver toxic. Sound interesting? It should. SARMS is changing the landscape of bobybuilding in a big way. And for those who already use steroids as a part of the process, SARMS has several interesting applications, most significantly, in the area of Post Cycle Therapy(5).

Is This The Perfect Drug To Use In-Between Steroid Cycles?

SARMS is the latest addition to the enhanced athletes arsenal and it’s creating a storm of controversy. It may very well be most significant advancement in muscle development since the invention of Dianabol back in 1956. A bold statement for sure. But SARMS is truly an incredible compound with many applications, most significantly, as a viable anabolic enhancement to be used in-between steroid cycles.

SARMS is not a steroid. It is the veritable “next step” beyond steroids. It’s a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, which essentially means it targets the androgen receptors in a way where they’re most beneficial while avoiding the nasty side effects that go along with traditional androgenic drugs.

Due to that elusive combination of good without the bad, SARMS has been hailed as the “Holy Grail of Muscle Growth.” It’s what all athletes have been waiting and wishing for. Think of it as pizza without calories, alcohol without the hangover and safe sex without condoms. Is that possible? Yes it is. But there are limitations. (Damn!) But rest assured, they’re minor. There is a catch – there always is. But in the case of SARMS, the catch isn’t that bad.