A healthy prostate..

Though most of our readers are to young to suffer from age relatedprostate problems, a unhealthy prostate can damage not only the sexualperformance but also the bladder and peeing. Man entering their forties may start to find this article interesting, just like bodybuilders that are using anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS).  Most bodybuilders juicing, are using means like HCG to prevent there testicles from crimping,  anti-aromatase to prevent their steroids from aromatising and silymarin to protect their liver. The prostate, an other organ that is effected by side effects of AAS use, is somewhat neglected.

The prostate gland is a small organ with the size of a walnut and exists out of  glands that produce the prostate fluid, this fluid is one of the ingredients of sperm, but an increase in size can cause problems. In fact the size of the prostate increases by most men over 40, by a process called BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) . Because the prostate encloses the urine tube (where urine and semen leave the penis) a sudden increase of this small organ can lead towards frequent urination (particularly at night), hesitant, interrupted or weak urine stream caused by decreased force, dribbling after voiding and a decreased sexual performance and an increased problem to come to an orgasm ( ejaculation).

The main reason of BPH seems in an increased production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate. Or an increased conversion of exogenous administered testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. But when man grows older DHT can accumulate in the prostate which causes a prostate growth.  Only e few years ago the only options to cure the above mentioned complaints where surgical .. and drugs. Even a relatively new medicine like Proscar resulted in side effects by 14-18% of  the male users, with a 5% chance on a mild impotence or a decreased libido. Fortunate enough these side effect are reversible after seizing its use.

Natural resources

Even more fortunate is the fact that we have natural, non-toxic herbal means that are able to prevent the mentioned side-effects and  restore a healthy balance in the prostate. A very important natural source is made from  the sawpalmtree (in Latin Sabal serrulatum). A tree that originates from the East coast of the USA. Many studies proved that extracts of this tree, in particular fat extracts from the berries of this tree (Seronea repens), counteracted the symptoms of BPH for the greatest part. About 90% of the patients that used the extract benefited from its usage, a score that is significant  bigger than that of Proscar. Saw palmetta also works much quicker and is three times as cheap and free available over the counter whereas Proscar requires a prescription. Although the saw palmetto tree probably is the best known and most used supplement as a cure for BPH, other natural resources made similar results as saw palmetto.  By example pygeum (pygeum africanum) a tree that originates mainly in South Africa. Research showed us that a fat extract from the rind of this tree, twice daily 50 mg of pygeum extract (13% sterolen) caused very good results with 60-90% of the patients. Though pumpkinseed is not researched as thoroughly and much as the other two mentioned , the assumption is that is similar in result.


The mineral zinc  has shown that it decreases the amount of testosterone that enters the prostate and also decreases the amount of testosterone that is converted (by the enzyme 5a-reductase) to its, much more potent and aggressive, derivative dihydrotestosterone. Still zinc first has to enter the prostate, and the form that seems to be the most effective for this duty is zinc-arginate. Un unpublished study from Albion Laboratories showed that the amount of zinc in the sex organs of rats increased significant more after the use of zinc-arginate then after usage zinc-chloride, an anorganic form of zinc that did not increase the amount of zinc in the male sexorgans at all. For that reason, if you plan to use zinc supplementation, you should use the chelated forms of this mineral like by example arginate, histidinate and glycinate. If you use zinc in a more bio-available form you will probably have enough if you use 15 mg per day ,  the US RLV (reference labelling value), because you also store zinc by means of your feeding. Zinc supplementation is especially important for beerdrinkers that have higher prolactine levels which increases the transport oftestosterone to the prostate, an effect that is counteracted by zinc.

Urine retention

In severe cases of BPH called acute urinary retention, the athlete is unable to urinate and catherization may be necessary to drain the urine from the bladder and obtain relief. Acute urinary retention causes severe pain and discomfort. It prevents the urinary sphincter from relaxing and allowing the urine to flow out the bladder. Excessive alcohol consumption, long periods of inactivity, cold temperatures, allergy some cold medications (antihistamines) or prescription drugs can cause this situation. Notorious for this condition however, are steroids, especially the testosterones.  In the first years of steroid use Olympic weightlifters from the communistic Eastern-Europe used such amounts of testosterone that they needed constant catherization . That was the man reason, beside the incredible performances, that gave away their secret to the US team.