Health & Wellness

This New Year, make a commitment to health and fitness. Learn the basics of starting your own workout routine and get ready to sweat with these helpful tips!

Did you know that exercising daily can increase your lifespan and help your body fight off viruses? It’s true! In fact, scientists have found that just a few minutes of exercise each day can make a big difference in your health.
We all know squats are great for strength and building mass, especially in your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core. But what about the debate of squatting with shoes vs squatting barefoot? Are there any benefits of squatting barefoot? For most, its personal preference, and many lifters have a personal bias over what they prefer, but that doesn’t really help someone who’s trying to decide what’s best for them. 

Do you wish to reduce the fat in your thighs, arms, or stomach? Is spot reduction a well-established fact or a myth?

Being physically and mentally healthy offers numerous advantages for your health. Many people, however, might not fully comprehend what is necessary to fully achieve their goals. To assist you get outstanding results, use these 5 fitness suggestions.
If you're a little too fluffy, you're probably overeating carbs and fats instead of emphasizing protein and eating with intention. As your metabolic health deteriorates, the situation worsens. What is the solution? Make protein a top priority.
Although glutamine is a frequent supplement found in protein shakes and the gym bags of many bodybuilders, it is also a non-essential amino acid that many people neglect in their drive to grow muscle.
Whether you’re in peak physical form, aiming to lose weight, or struggle controlling your blood sugar levels, you’ll want to increase insulin sensitivity and reverse insulin resistance. This can help you manage your weight, protect your organs from disease or complications down the line, boost your energy levels, and add years to your life. 
Alcohol is a big part of so many people's social lives and lifestyles, and many turn to their nightcap as a way to unwind. So much so that it's often a reason people use for why they "can't" start living a healthier lifestyle. 
There are ways to plan your weekly workouts more wisely if you want to receive certain benefits from your cardio activities.