Some analyses on black market steroids in diverse countries

Brazilian steroids market flooded with fakes and copies

The quality of steroids on the black market is abominable. Laboratories worldwide report that almost half of all steroids are fakes. And the situation is no different in Brazil, according to a report by the National Institute of Criminalistics van het Brazilian Federal Police Department. About forty percent of the steroids on the Brazilian black market are of dubious quality, and the percentage is on the rise.The Brazilians will soon publish the results of a study in Forensic Science international for which they analysed 2818 preparations that had been confiscated by the police during the period 2006-2011. In total the Brazilian Federal Police Department confiscated 3676 substances, but only had some of these analysed. About thirty percent came from Paraguay and fourteen percent from Brazil.

Sixteen percent of the confiscated goods were deemed to be fake from the packaging and so were not analysed. The Hemogenin produced by Sarsa was one of these. It's supposed to contain oxymetholone, but the Brazilians discovered that there's no factory called Sarsa registered anywhere. Below left you can see the real Hemogenin – made by Aventis – and below right Sarsa Hemogenin.

Degradation under different storage conditions


I have analysed the same batch (Hygetropin) but under different storage conditions, for 15 days.