Making sure your gut is in the best health possible will be one of the best investments you will make in your bodybuilding journey.

About to hit the gym? Working out on an empty stomach can be difficult for some people. So make sure to avoid these foods, or you might undo all your hard work! 

If you're a little too fluffy, you're probably overeating carbs and fats instead of emphasizing protein and eating with intention. As your metabolic health deteriorates, the situation worsens. What is the solution? Make protein a top priority.

As we prepare for the coming of summer and its warmer weather...

Food is simple, but behavior changing our behavior around food is difficult.

People can easily be encouraged to eat less calories to lose weight. It is also obvious that the simplest strategy to reduce weight is to consume fewer calories.
Calorie restriction is often associated with weight loss. However, what if we told you that another way to lose weight is to eat more?
There is such a thing as lowering too many calories and damaging your weight loss attempts. In some situations, you may need to consume more to lose weight and keep your body functioning effectively while doing so.

We hear all too often that the amount of processed food in your diet is unimportant for body composition as long as your caloric, macros (particularly protein), and fiber are all balanced. Is this accurate, however, in terms of how such a diet affects your regular calorie intake and ad libitum food consumption?

Fitness advice from the "mainstream" is full of nonsense and misinformation. Here is part 2 of “Avoid These Diet Mistakes” to help you reach your goals. 

Fitness advice from the "mainstream" is full of nonsense and misinformation.

Contrary to popular assumption, it is possible to increase muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat. Here's how to do it.