Steve Michalik

A story on a very very controversial bodybuilder, Steve Michalik, a pro bodybuilder in the 70s, on the net you'll find many stories about him. He trained and lived like a maniac and used all kinds of steroids and recreational drugs. Firstly I want to post a story from 1990 written by Paul Solotaroff for the "The Village Voice". I posted it on BodyPage directly and got many reactions. His many friends and inside bodybuilders found it exagerrated and have mixed opinions. Later I'll post more on this exiting bodybuilder.

On May 24 Steve Michalik was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. May he rest in piece.

“The Power and the Glory”

Half the world was in mortal terror of him. He had a sixty inch chest, twenty three inch arms, and when the Anadrol and Bolasterone backed up in his bloodstream, his eyes went as red as the laser scope on an Uzi. He threw people through windows, and chased them madly down Hempstead Turnpike when they had the temerity to cut him off. And in the gym he owned in Farmingdale, the notorious Mr America’s, if he caught you looking at him while he trained, you generally woke up bleeding on the pavement outside. Half out of his mind on androgens and horse steroids; he had this idea that being looked at robbed him of energy, energy that he needed to leg press two thousand pounds.

Nonetheless one day a kid walked up to him between sets and said “I want to be just like you Steve Michalik. I want to be Mr America and Mr Universe.”

“Yeah?” said Michalik in thick contempt. “How bad do you think you want it?”

“Worse than anything in the world,” said the kid, a scrawny seventeen year old with more balls than biceps. “I can honestly say that I would die for a body like yours.”