September 2022

If you're a little too fluffy, you're probably overeating carbs and fats instead of emphasizing protein and eating with intention. As your metabolic health deteriorates, the situation worsens. What is the solution? Make protein a top priority.
Although glutamine is a frequent supplement found in protein shakes and the gym bags of many bodybuilders, it is also a non-essential amino acid that many people neglect in their drive to grow muscle.
The rectus abdominus, or "six-pack" muscle, receives all the attention, and for good reason. The focus is on your six-pack when your nutrition is on point and you are powerful and lean. However, the two oblique muscles, which are on either side of your rectus abs and are trained with side planks and Pallof pushes, are either completely ignored or treated as an afterthought.
Whether you’re in peak physical form, aiming to lose weight, or struggle controlling your blood sugar levels, you’ll want to increase insulin sensitivity and reverse insulin resistance. This can help you manage your weight, protect your organs from disease or complications down the line, boost your energy levels, and add years to your life. 
Alcohol is a big part of so many people's social lives and lifestyles, and many turn to their nightcap as a way to unwind. So much so that it's often a reason people use for why they "can't" start living a healthier lifestyle. 
There are ways to plan your weekly workouts more wisely if you want to receive certain benefits from your cardio activities.

The quick answer is that it varies greatly depending on your workout regimen. Learn more about undone fitness in the sections below, along with when it's important to take a break

No leg curl machine? No problem!

A crucial component of aesthetics is vascularity, which is the visible of blood vessels in the skin. After working out, you'll frequently look more vascular. If you've ever wondered what causes vascularity, it's because exercising causes your muscles to enlarge, which forces your veins closer to the surface of your skin and gives them a more pronounced, veiny appearance.