the pump

Old school bodybuilders where forced to look for extreme techniques to pump themselves up. In the movie “pumping Iron” you see how these icons pumped their muscles to the max. Their arteries thick, and bloodfilled almost bursting through their skin. Others like Larry Scott used an other princeple he called “Burns”  … Before old school bodybuilders stepped on stage to be judged, Arnold reveiled he used some alcohol to look bigger and not that flat with the arteries more swollen. On certain steroids like Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin they suffered  a limp dick and very often the same happened after a cycle (PCT) With VCL this is past history.

Bodybuilders always looking for a short-cut, started to use Viagra for its vasolidating affect, creating an incredible pump. Slowly some information on this usage came to notice of the general public. By example Hidetada Yamagishi was arrested also having some NO boosters Viagra and Cialis with his stash. BALCO’s Victor Conte  confessed: "All my athletes took it. It is bigger than creatine."

The Bodybuilding supplement Industry launched their own NO boosters, like "NO Explode," "Nytric EFX" and "Satur8" - advertised as preworkout vasodilators. Many experts doubt their effect.