Real / Fake

1. Steroids Will Give You a Body Like Arnold Easily
The secret to building a lean muscular body is actually not a secret at all: it takes regular workouts, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. 
While steroids can increase your strength and improve endurance while performing your workouts to help speed up the muscle building process, they are not magic or a quick fix. They are not a magical compound that transforms the way you look. 


On the left you see a picture of ampoulle made by Newgenpharm, Korea. Its an obvious fake, seen the doses.

Metribolone is an extremely powerfull steroid, some experts even call it monstreous. It is hard ro buy the real products and API's. Mostly because its not only extremely potent, but also extremely expensive. Underground manufacturers that don't have direct contact with an manufacturer of these powders and don't have the ability to analyse them will end up with a substitution or a very underdosed product. We all seen that during our analyses and everyone elso know this from the market in recreational drugs. Most recreational drugs (cocaine or speed by example) are cut heavily, because everyone involved wants to make a profit. Believe me there is no difference in Anabolic market.

Underground Labs (UG) now sell this product as designer steroid and also a mixed product (Hard Core Labs MT-DMN) more info at the end of the article.

You see in increasing amount of both orals (sold as Oral Tren or Oral Parabolan) aswel as injectables. Scientific research showed that subQ injected "oral steroids"  where a minimum tenfold more potent then the oral version.

On the rigt you see a picture with UG Labs selling more realistic dosed products. Geneza Pharma with 250mcg/tab. Genpharm with 10 mg/ml and DutchLabs with 2 mg/ml

In the area of pro-hormones there was a methyldienolone product on the supplement market. That of course disapeared with all other pro-hormones.

 Methyltrienolone is essentially the same compound as trenbolone that has gone under 17 alpha alkylation so that it can remain active after oral administration. So in a basic sense, methyltrienolone offers all of the advantages of trenbolone with the added bonus of being orally active. However, that extra benefit comes with a hefty price when it comes to hepatoxicity as will be demonstrated below.

Methandriol Dipropionate

Substance: methylandrostenediol dipropionate

This compound was first manufactured in the early 80’s as an oral tablet, it also comes as an injectable, dragees which are intended for subglossal intake ( Novandrol from Galenika) and as a water dissolved compound (Methyldiol Aqueous).It was widely used by strongman, powerlifters, bodybuilders and lets not forget other bulk users such as wrestlers and foot ballplayers. Even here, users found out that it was beneficial to combine the oral MD with other steroids. After  a short period other compounds became more popular and MD seemed to be forgotten. But not in Australia and New Zealand where a lot of veterinary steroids like: Androbol® Denkadiol® Drive® Filybol® Filydoc® Geldabol® Libriol® Metabolin® Methandriol® Metasus® Nandrobolin® Protabol® Spectriol® Superbolin® Tribolin “75” ®, used for animal vetting, contained this magical component. Its purpose here was weight and mass gain. It was very popular in Australia and New Zealand because it was much more easily procured than anabolic/androgenic compounds for human use. Some users claim that MD actually increases cell receptor stimulation, and sensitising  the androgenic receptors of the muscle cell  and cause other steroids to work better at the site of cell binding. Others claim that it “cleans” the steroid receptors, wich of course is impossible, no such mechanism is known, what it does do is bind very tightly to the steroid binding globules in the blood stream, displacing other, more effective, in the stack added steroids, and possible amplifying them. That is probably why it's included. in some form, in a lot of combination drugs. That is not to say that it is a weak steroid on its own. It certainly is not. Methandriol on itself is a high anabolic, high androgenic steroid. It is used for strength and weight gains. On its own it is highly estrogenic, wich means that it doesn’t need the enzyme aromatase to convert to oestrogen, but it is estrogenic by nature. In a stack or combined steroid cocktail it is only moderate estrogenic. But it is still not very popular on its own. Most products contain methandriol dipropionate in a combined cocktail, only Denkall Mexicana, a vendor of Troy Laboratories from Australia, sells  a product that contains only methandriol dipropionate 75mg/ml. This gave US athletes the opportunity to create their own magic. Athletes predisposed to gyno could consider to add Proviron® or Clomid® to their stack as a estrogen blocker. Some lifters feel it works well stacked with injectable testosterones. Actual visible side effects are mild in this drug. The injectable form is only slightly toxic. The most common side effects come from the androgenic portion of the drug and can produce mild acne, oily skin, body and facial hair growth as well as hair loss and high blood pressure. Some report gastrointestinal stress. Overall it's a pretty clean drug in the side effect department.

Counterfeits of Naposim methandienone/methandrostenolone

I made a comparison of the real and the counterfeited blister. There is only very little difference in the tablets and the blister. To see the differnce you have to make very big scans. Thats why I made it possible for you to enlarge the picture to get a better vieuw. Jjust click the picture to enlarge). Now you will notice the difference of the raster on the machine that attached the clear blister to the foil. Its not new other (older) counterfeits had the same (and more) differences. I'll show more differences to enable you to identify the counterfeits on more different ways.


I wrote this article in 2006 for a great bodybuilding magazine. Times changed and a year after this article was posted Organon Greece produced its last vials. Does that mean they disappeared from the market? The real ones did, but the counterfeits are still readily available (see picture). I’ll post more from my old articles and will update them as soon as they change appearance.

Organon, a business unit from Akzo Nobel Holland, introduced Deca-Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) during the early 1960’s. They made it available in strengths of 25, 50, and 100 mg/ml. The brand name Deca-Durabolin® is often abbreviated as “Deca”, an abbreviation that has become synonymous with the active agent Nandrolone Decanoate.Due to its favorable high anabolic and low androgenic qualities, Deca- Durabolin soon became the most widespread and commonly used injectable anabolic steroid in the world. In bodybuilding circles, the characteristic 2-milliliter vials with the yellow flip top became the backbone of many stacks.


Quality of Chinese Growth Hormone


How it started

In the nineties Jin Lei a brilliant Chinese pharmaceutical student, who graduated from Beijing University in 1985,  studied in the USA. In his free time he worked hard as a research scientist at Genentech, an American biotech company and one of the world’s leading producers of human growth hormones. His special interest where antibodies that bind to human growth hormones.

In 1994 he earned a PD in pharmaceutical chemistry from the university of California. After graduation, Mr. Jin, despite many offers for well paid jobs in the USA,  wanted to return to China to start his own biopharmaceutical company and help Chinese children by producing human growth hormone.

In 1997 Jin build a manufacturing lab, called GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Company,  in partnership with a state-owned company called “ Changchun High Tech Group “,and a year later they introduced their own patented human growth hormone, called Jintropin, named after Dr Jin. This new cheap and very effective growth hormone became very popular among anti-aging aspect, life extensionists and bodybuilders. Existing companies that made enormous amounts of money on this new and overpriced compound tried their best to discredit this much cheaper Chinese competitor.


 Last summer we published an extensive article about growth hormone. On our forums there is a lot discussion on the brands, the prices, and the quality of GH, especially that of Chinese origin. Generic Supplements, a Dutch underground laboratory, had done several analyses through us to find a constant and reliable API (raw powder) manufacturer. When they asked me to try and find a laboratory that was able and willing to analyse complex peptide hormones, because they wanted to analyse a generic Chinese GH version, I was very sceptical. From the research of the previous growth hormone article I knew that GeneScience had the patent in China for the manufacture of GH by secretion technology. And this method is the only one to produce 191 amino acid GH with high purity. When they offered us a sample in January 2006, we took it, and were very curious to find out the content. We ended up being greatly surprised by the results.


The Many Faces of Growth Hormone


This is an article I wrote for a bodybuilding magazine in 2005.  The information is therefore dated. But it contains usefull information and newer information about this subject can be found in newer articles.

Human growth hormone (somatropin) is widely used outside of normal medical situations. For example, in bodybuilding it is taken to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Being so far removed from the hands of legitimate pharmaceutical distributors, doctors, and pharmacists, preparations of doubtful origin and low quality frequently find their way to the (black) market.

In the last few years,counterfeited, contaminated, and very poor quality somatropin have been located and analysed, both in the European Union and in the United States. There were many counterfeited preparations found, some of which instead of the expected recombinant growth hormone rhGH, contained the pregnancy hormone HCG. Other illegally prepared preparations contained growth hormone from human cadavers (pituitary glands), veterinary somatropin variants, vitamins, insulin,etc. Looking at the more than 50 proven cases of the transmission of the Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease by contaminated growth hormone preparations, mainly during the 1980’s [1-4],we feel people should be urgently warned before using questionable growth hormone preparations [5-9]. This article will take a close look at the various manufacturing techniques used to make growth hormone drugs, placing a strong emphasis on how to identify quality preparations from those of a more questionable nature.


Over the past 10 years, the two most well known and sought after Russian brands of methandrostenolone have been manufactured by the firms Akrihin and Bioreactor.The Akrihin product goes back a very long way, and is still in production today. It remains the principle agent of reference when someone is speaking about “Russian DBol”, or at least it should be. The product from Bioreactor is actually no longer being made, and was discontinued a few years ago. It was dropped simply because the firm’s license on the sale of the agent had expired.The availability of old batches, counterfeits, and outright fakes of the Bioreactor product makes this a topic to discuss, and has been included in our article on Russian methandrostenolone, even though it is no longer actively made there. So we know what they are, now what do we know about them?

After all,Russian D-bol has been the product of great speculation over the years. Let’s get to the facts and the fakes. Years ago, one of the most trusted U.S. steroid gurus (Dan Duchaine) wrote that he disliked Russian Dianabol because of manufacturing and quality control issues. In his opinion, it was a combination ofmethandienone and methyl-testosterone. He believed that the manufacturers used contaminated, expired tablets for their new batches, which would have made it impossible for the end-user to dose properly as the tablet dosage could not have been accurate.

Russian Dianabol has been dogged by this stigma ever since, so we were curious to get a Russian perspective.We sought the expertise of a highly respected bodybuilder and forum moderator known as Retabolil or just Ret Ret: “Bioreactor was illegally made and I never liked it. Akrihin® was top notch. Yes, it had more methyl-test then any other brand, but it also gave me increadible mass and strength gains. The most popular brand in Russia today is Naposim®. It’s very different from Russian Dianabol though, it doesn’t make you hold so much water.”