A few of our members asked to post some analytical reports. There are a few ways to analyse a product in this case its fully analysed. They looked for water (Karl Fisher) mostly present if the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient aka raw powders) is not stored properly. The Ph (accidity) mostly due to unpure powders. The identity (if the compound is the compound labeled) in this case does the sample contain drostenolone propionate. The dose (the amount of active ingredients per milliliter). The heavy metals (those can build up in the body) We thought that most API's from India and China would possess a high content of metals -acids etc. That was the  main reason to analyse Underground laboratories.


“The Blue Tops”: IGF-1 LR3
by Ronny Tober

In the previous issue of Body of Science we published an other analysis of a IGF-1 LR3 sample we bought in the Netherlands and that originated from China. It turned out it was a very dangerous item that contained rat insulin instead of IGF-1 LR3! This time we are back doing protein analysis. In this case, we are again looking at IGF-1 LongR3. We obtained this vial of IGF-1LR3 from China, the principle source country of all IGF-1LR3. We did our best to pick a product that was popular, and thus was representative of the quality of many IGF-1LR3 samples. The results were, again, concerning.

 Counterfeited steroids a problem since years.

 Counterfeited anabolic-androgenic steroids are a problem as long as I can remember.  Already in the nineties almost half of all the steroids on the black market pinched.  That appeared clearly from an analysis of preparations from the nineties, that was published is in 2000 in the German periodical Sportverletzung Sportschaden. 

 The investigation had relation on forty compoundss, that all were originating from the black market in Germany.  It does not concern samples that where bought and examined in the years 2000 or in 1999.  Already in 1997 the same researchers published these results, in another magazine.(2) Because between the publishing of an article in a scientific periodical and the date of publication sometimes a year is well possible, you can assume that these anabolics have been collected early  1996.  Experts, that on our request looked at the testresults, think that this study gives a clear image of the situation halfway the nineties.  Take by example those Parabolans'', says a consulted anabolic expert.  ,, You stumbled about  those in 1997 .  They were pinched, but you could buy them everywhere .  If you  ask me: what were 'the' means of the nineties, then I would say:  Paynes-deca, Thaibol and pinched-Parabolan


 Tests found lead, tin, arsenic and a cancer-causing cattle fattener mixed in with steroids. The Courant bought over the Internet

Dangerous. That was the first word out of the scientist's mouth after seeing test results on three batches of anabolic steroids The Courant bought from black market websites in Poland, Spain and Moldova. Reckless was another description. Poison, a third.

Winstrol from Desma is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes and therefore subject to counterfeiting. Much more then from other manufacturers. Lets take a look at why and how we think they are counterfeited and see some analytical reports on identification and bacteria. We also wanted to know more about the size of  powder (API). Thus we asked the lab to messure the size of the powder also.

- Quality of illegal doping substances on the black market in the Netherlands –

This article pertains to a study performed in the Netherlands, which examined the quality of anabolic androgenic substances used as performance enhancing drugs by athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, fighters and an increasing amount of cosmetic bodybuilders. The aim of this study was to obtain a current and clear insight on the quality and availability of illegal doping agents on the Dutch black market. Altough isolated to steroids found in Holland, I think the results are quite representative for most European countries.

The Dutch study covers four years and involves the analyses performed on 203 products that where seized at the arrest of dealers or became available through other channels of the Dutch inspection for public health, during the period between 2000-2003 and were analysed for the presence of active ingredients as claimed on the label. The study contains a total of  336 products that were analysed. Beside the products from the period between 2000-2003 the NeCeDo study made a comparison with the results of 98 analyses from 1998  performed by the NIDDR (Netherlands Institute for Drugs and Doping Research in Utrecht)

Degradation under different storage conditions


I have analysed the same batch (Hygetropin) but under different storage conditions, for 15 days.








The strength of blue tops from China

First I'd like to explain how the strength of Growth Hormone is measured.

First, the activity of Growth hormone was tested by using small animals, mostly rats. After much protest of organisations for animal welfare, the WHO asked some labs to seek the relationship between HPLC and the activity.  After a lot of experimenting, scientists concluded that the activity result of the RP-HPLC  (reversed phase) corresponded to the activity resulting by administration of growth hormone to small animals later these animals where killed to measure growth/strength. Then, in pharmacopoeia, the testing of activity in animals, changed to testing by RP-HPLC.


How an experienced bodybuilder contaminated his own vials

For our book UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS we wanted a sample from a new UG line from the UK, ProChem Laboratories. I was able to get a vial from a bodybuilder that he had used twice. I thought 6 ml would be sufficient I sent the used ampoule with the rest of the samples to the laboratory for analysis. The lab ran all tests and the used vial showed an estimated colony forming unit (CFU) from 60.000. Since it was the only used vial I tried my best to find a new vial and I was able to buy a few in the UK, via a board-member. We sent this new vial in for a CFU test and this sample was not contaminated (see reports).


Why do I write down this story? I want you to realize that even an experienced bodybuilder (now competing the masters class) did contaminate one of his vials. Thus be careful, keep your vial in a dark, cool place. When you want to use them clean the stopper with alcohol, wait some time to allow sterilization. Use a new needle to fill the syringe, when the syringe is filled, take a new needle for the actual injection.


With this article I'll show the difference between real Sustanon and  fake Sustanon

Most people believe that a certain product is counterfeited by an individual or organisation. To show that that is not true I post this picture of Portuguese Sustanon (country number 170). The only real ampoulle is the left one. That shows that very often you can find more then one counterfeit or fake from a popular steroid. Sustanon was distributed in many countries, but each product and country had its own specific number. Sustanon from Portugal beared the number 25332/170. Later in this article I'll show more specific details.

What matters for this article is that on diverse discussionforums, members deny that a certain ampoulle is counterfeit or fake. Sometimes it is so obvious like in this case of Omnadren®  from Jelfa. On a famous forum, some members even admitted they where convinced that really was a counterfeited Omnadren, but posted they where also convinced that it contained “real” Sustanon, because they and their friends grew on it . One member posted: ”If they go through all that trouble to make such high quality counterfeited  lable, box and ampoules, they surely will put the real deal in the ampoules”. You never know if these people have an interest in posting such stupidities (belonging to the group that sells them), or are just plain stupid. They also always seem to have followers.