Growth Hormone

What once happened with the use of anabolic steroids now happens with growth hormone. Let me explain. When steroids where developed many scientists and pharmaceutical companies where convinced that modifications on the parent hormones would lead to favorable medication. In the golden era of steroid synthesis the main goal was to synthesize a compound which retained a high degree of anabolic activity coupled with a vastly diminished androgenic activity. In those days anabolic steroids where meant to be given to patients, to the old, the weak, the recovering, the undernourished etc.   It was thought that through all these modifications one could create steroids that would serve many different purposes. Quite like nowadays many people think about recombinant human Growth Hormone. What followed was a pure demonization of anabolic steroids, the pharmaceutical companies unable to reach their goals exaggerated the side-effects just as other governmental institutions ..and the official media followed blindly. The bodybuilding community mistrusted the official medical research and was light-years ahead of official research. Some studies made such foolish assumptions that it made Will Brink in 1996 to write his classic article  “walking the walk, or talking the talk” An article that said what most of us thought.

 From this article , the researchers state: “Athletes often take androgenic steroids in an attempt to increase their strength. The efficacy of these substances for this purpose is unsubstantiated, (emphasis mine) however.” Unsubstantiated? Are they for real? Here is another statement from the study. “…but whether supra-physiological doses of testosterone or other anabolic-androgenic steroids augment muscle mass and strength in normal men is unknown.” Unknown? Unknown? Unknown to who? The next time you sit in the front row of a bodybuilding show or see some 280 pound androgen freak squatting the equivalent of a small family sedan, feel free to yell “hey fella(s), did you know that all those steroids you are taking have not been proven to build muscle!” LMAO !!!


Growth Hormone is a single chain polypeptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It’s a combination of 191 amino acids set in an exact order to make its formation. Years ago it was made from the corpus of dead people. Of course as of recently; it is developed in a lab. GH is involved in MANY different hormonal processes that include reducing insulin sensitivity, fat burning, reproduction, regulating basal body temperature, hair and nail growth, protecting the immune system, bone growth/formation and the main reason bodybuilders use it for which is muscle growth. The most common effect reported from using GH is an increase in a sense of overall well being. People seem to feel a lot younger when taking it on a daily basis. HGH secretes most during high intensity exercise, sleep. During the first few hours of sleep, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone peaks while Somastatin levels drop. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone is responsible for releasing HGH and IGF-1 levels. When GHRH and IGF-1 levels are too high, the body creates the negative feedback loop which stops the release of both hormones. High levels of Somastatin cause a dramatic increase in IGF-1 levels which stops the release of HGH. Somastatin is usually obtained from low blood glucose levels. Ghrelin binds to the receptors on somatotrophs and dramatically stimulates the secretion of Human Growth Hormone. The Ghrelin signal is combines with the growth hormone releasing hormone and somatostatin to control the timing and level of growth hormone secretion. Human Growth hormone also stimulates triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue, which usually produces notable fat loss during usage of HGH. HGH also increases glucose output in the liver, and stimulates insulin resistance by blocking the activity of this hormone in those specific targeted cells. HGH increases absorption of protein and other macro/micro nutrients, it also speeds up the metabolism fast enough to start burning fat. HGH builds muscle and burns fat at the same time; it will GREATLY enhance the results you are seeking, and can be used on and off cycle.

Degradation under different storage conditions


I have analysed the same batch (Hygetropin) but under different storage conditions, for 15 days.








The strength of blue tops from China

First I'd like to explain how the strength of Growth Hormone is measured.

First, the activity of Growth hormone was tested by using small animals, mostly rats. After much protest of organisations for animal welfare, the WHO asked some labs to seek the relationship between HPLC and the activity.  After a lot of experimenting, scientists concluded that the activity result of the RP-HPLC  (reversed phase) corresponded to the activity resulting by administration of growth hormone to small animals later these animals where killed to measure growth/strength. Then, in pharmacopoeia, the testing of activity in animals, changed to testing by RP-HPLC.


Quality of Chinese Growth Hormone


How it started

In the nineties Jin Lei a brilliant Chinese pharmaceutical student, who graduated from Beijing University in 1985,  studied in the USA. In his free time he worked hard as a research scientist at Genentech, an American biotech company and one of the world’s leading producers of human growth hormones. His special interest where antibodies that bind to human growth hormones.

In 1994 he earned a PD in pharmaceutical chemistry from the university of California. After graduation, Mr. Jin, despite many offers for well paid jobs in the USA,  wanted to return to China to start his own biopharmaceutical company and help Chinese children by producing human growth hormone.

In 1997 Jin build a manufacturing lab, called GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Company,  in partnership with a state-owned company called “ Changchun High Tech Group “,and a year later they introduced their own patented human growth hormone, called Jintropin, named after Dr Jin. This new cheap and very effective growth hormone became very popular among anti-aging aspect, life extensionists and bodybuilders. Existing companies that made enormous amounts of money on this new and overpriced compound tried their best to discredit this much cheaper Chinese competitor.


 Last summer we published an extensive article about growth hormone. On our forums there is a lot discussion on the brands, the prices, and the quality of GH, especially that of Chinese origin. Generic Supplements, a Dutch underground laboratory, had done several analyses through us to find a constant and reliable API (raw powder) manufacturer. When they asked me to try and find a laboratory that was able and willing to analyse complex peptide hormones, because they wanted to analyse a generic Chinese GH version, I was very sceptical. From the research of the previous growth hormone article I knew that GeneScience had the patent in China for the manufacture of GH by secretion technology. And this method is the only one to produce 191 amino acid GH with high purity. When they offered us a sample in January 2006, we took it, and were very curious to find out the content. We ended up being greatly surprised by the results.