Winstrol Desma

Winstrol from Desma is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes and therefore subject to counterfeiting. Much more then from other manufacturers. Lets take a look at why and how we think they are counterfeited and see some analytical reports on identification and bacteria. We also wanted to know more about the size of  powder (API). Thus we asked the lab to messure the size of the powder also.

Mostly people look for differnces in the appearence of the ampoule, the box, leaflet, tray etc. Sometimes members read on a discussionboard that a product from a certain supplier is suspected to be a counterfeit or fake.

Desma has many different ampoules, not only the printing but also the height of the ampoules, the height of  the sediment (the powder that sinks to the bottem of the ampoule), the height of the water and the height of the ampoule printing.

The top picture shows the different heights of the ampoules. Some even with the same batchnumber the notorious batch A18.

The second picture shows the differences in the height of the sediment of the same batchnumber again A18. On the forum the members asked how each ampoule can have the same strength when there is so much difference in the amounts of powder the different ampoules of the same batchnumber contain? Thats why we asked the lab to anlyse for indentification and dosis of the ampoule with the lowest level of powder. We also wanted to know if the ampoule with the printing  NOV 2012 instead of 11/2012 was real or not.

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The tumbnails are HPLC graphics of the Pharmaceutical Reference Standard, the graphic of the sample (A018) and the graphic of the reference standard combined with the A018 sample. The combined run is done to make sure both the reference st. aswell as the sample peak at the same retentiontime, it is an extra step. I have the same set for the other analyses. The last pic is the report of the dosis and cfu of lotnumber A018 and B003.


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On the left you'll see two fakes B003 from Bulagaria and B017,  that I recieved from Sweden. What is clearly visible is that the sediment height is very differnt, but also that the powder distribution that stayed behind on the glass on the inside of the ampoulle has different effect. Just like the water in the B003 is much clearer then the real ampoule wher the water is more turbid.

Perhaps that is due to the fact that the real compound is ultra-fine (nano mill).  An other reason could be that the affinity to the glass and water,  is possible  due to particle size but it's also possible it comes from different concentration. If you have more water by percentage of powder, the Stanozololpowder will be better washed down from the glass.

We want to know for sure that why the lab will messure the powder particle size for ultra-fine / fine and a approximative size-distribution. Then we will know for sure if they influence the mechanical property of the compounds.

The dose of A18 on the first picture was 43.3 mg/ml and the B003 had 16,7 mg/ml, both samples don't match European Pharmacopeia (5% + or - labeled dosis) and are thus fake.

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Next you'll find the report of the B017 pictured above it contained 58.4 mg/ml and is overdosed. It doesn't meet the requirements for EP but not to many users will mind tha, what is worse in this case is the fact that its contaminated with bacteria, thus not made in a sterile environment. This baby can give you a severe infection. Especially if you store it warm.


Pictured a veterinary needle compared with a needle meant to inject human grade steroids.

I allready spoke about the size of the powder particles. What the older athletes know is that bodybuilders started to use veterinary steroids like trenbolone pellets the low dosed EQ and of course the winstrol suspensions. Think of the legendary Winstrol-V

Injectable Winstrol is a suspension as opposed to a solution. Suspensions have tiny particles that are visible with the naked eye. If left on the shelf, the particles will sink to the bottom leaving the clear solvents and water on the top. Depending on the manufacturer, particle sizes vary meaning some Winstrol preparations can clog a 22 gauge needle. Ultra micronized Winstrol can easily pass through a 25 gauge needle making injections more comfortable. Unlike the esterified oil-based steroids where the duration of action is dependent on the chemical structure and how you prepare the injection is practically or entirely irrelevant, with the suspensions instead the duration of action is dependent on the particle size.

Bacteria have an easier time living in water based steroids than in oil based steroids. Winstrol is notorious for causing painful lumps at the injection site and for causing infections and or abscesses. This is because many underground labs improperly assemble steroids not because of the Winstrol itself. The same is true for counterfeited human grade Winstrol

I don't recommend injecting UGL Winstrol due to the risk for infection unless it's a regulated lab. I only recommend human grade injectable Winstrol made at GMP standards.


On the new ampoules the abbrivations Lote and Cad are printed in capitals.



The efficiacy of oral vs injected Stanozolol to nitrogen retention (muscle growth)

The effect of stanozololon nitrogen retention in the dog.

Olson ME,Morck DW,Quinn KB.

Can J Vet Res. 2000;64:246-248.

               Animal Health Unit and Gastrointestinal Sciences, University of Calgary, Alberta.   

 The objective of the study was to determine the influence of either oral or intramuscular administration of stanozolol on nitrogen retention in dogs by using a non-invasive 15N-amino acid tracer technique. Ten healthy, intact, adult male sled dogs received either stanozolol tablets, 2 mg/dog PO, q12h, for 25 days (Group 1, n = 5) or an intramuscular injection of 25 mg of stanozolol on Days 7, 14, 21, and 28 (Group 2, n = 5). A 15N amino acid (5.27 mmol) was infused intravenously into each dog on Day 0 (before stanozolol treatment) and on Day 31 (after stanozolol treatment). Urine was collected by catheterization from each animal 3 times daily for 3 consecutive days. The 15N-urea enrichment in urine was determined by high-resolution mass spectrometry and the total amount of urea in the urine was determined. Both oral and injectable stanozolol resulted in significant (P < 0.05) increases in amino acid nitrogen retention compared to pretreatment values. Oral stanozolol increased nitrogen retention from 29.2 +/- 8.2% to 50.3 +/- 9.2%, while stanozolol injection increased nitrogen retention from 26.6 +/- 9.9% to 67.0 +/- 7.5%. The response to intramuscular administration was significantly greater than the response to the oral dosing regime. Stanozolol increases amino acid nitrogen retention in dogs, as has been previously observed in rats. This action of stanozolol may be beneficial in dogs under stress of surgical trauma and chronic disease.

Okay, so the oral dose was 28mg/week and the injected dose was 25mg/week. And the injected dose was far better at increasing nitrogen retention (67.0% versus 50.3%). This makes it about 33.2% better (roughly speaking), so if I extrapolate, it means to see the same effects as 25mg of injected stanozolol per week, you'd need to take about 38mg of it orally. 

Is this new to us? I don't think soo!

The brandname changed the counterfeiters didn't! left some old Zambons








Update from 2011-2012 first the new hologram.

Finally I got my pictures and messurements from the analtical laboratory who took an extreme look at the powder. We asked them to messure and look at batch B003 and A018. Both powders where ultrafine. Of course Desma claims they are micronised in the nanomill. Well take a look at the counterfeit compared with a questionable item (not dosed as accourding to European pharmacopia), but close and the powder has some deviations especially under polarisated light (pics will be posted later)

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