steroid analyses

When we analysed samples from Underground Laboratories, a member of our forum asked me if I wanted to do a  "special" on American samples. The market in the US is special from most parts of the world, the generic domestic American market that is. Because the Law Enforcement is so unbelievable strict on PED's (performence enhancing drugs) in street slang steroids, roids or anabolics the brands and sellers fluctuate more often than in other parts of the world.

This should be especially interesting for some US bodybuilders that know one or more of the analysed labs.

Since lots of analyses disappaered from the net since Body of Science forum is closed, some previous Mods of this notorious forum asked me to make them available again I have an enormous amount of analyses that I still have to open-scan and tag, but slowly I'll post then here. Four to start with!!

 Tests found lead, tin, arsenic and a cancer-causing cattle fattener mixed in with steroids. The Courant bought over the Internet

Dangerous. That was the first word out of the scientist's mouth after seeing test results on three batches of anabolic steroids The Courant bought from black market websites in Poland, Spain and Moldova. Reckless was another description. Poison, a third.