GenShi Masteron analyse

A few of our members asked to post some analytical reports. There are a few ways to analyse a product in this case its fully analysed. They looked for water (Karl Fisher) mostly present if the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient aka raw powders) is not stored properly. The Ph (accidity) mostly due to unpure powders. The identity (if the compound is the compound labeled) in this case does the sample contain drostenolone propionate. The dose (the amount of active ingredients per milliliter). The heavy metals (those can build up in the body) We thought that most API's from India and China would possess a high content of metals -acids etc. That was the  main reason to analyse Underground laboratories.



Underneath the report the remarks of the head of laboratory regarding these amines.

The  HPLC chromatogram showing all peaks at retentiontimes, as an example at the 9330 st minute Benzyl alcohol shows. In area report its is given at 9.295 st minute and the area can be used to calculate the doses.

total io

Above and beneath you'll see all compounds as they are found in the database search.

i'll post all this data only once just to show how many compounds and

 Amines and carboline: Simple amines such as pyrrole, pyrrolidine, pyrrolidone, pyrroline and others, may be used in a variety of pharmaceutical syntheses, particularly in their substituted forms, and also may be used in the production of polymers.  Carbolines are a class of amines widespread in plants and animals, similar to tryptamine, and using an indole base.  Other trace amines naturally present can also appear similar to carbolines.  Amino acids, which do not chromatograph well, may also be noted, not as amino acids, but as related compounds.

The presence of such amines could be due to a variety of circumstances, such as extraction and synthesis, polymer migration, or raw material sources.  The lower match quality obtained for many of these indicates that, while probably good at determining the class of compound the analyte belongs to, the specific identification may be problematic.  The computer will attempt to force a match and if the actual mass spectrum is somewhat similar it will report a result.  These can vary in degree of accuracy.