AAS analyses

 Counterfeited steroids a problem since years.

 Counterfeited anabolic-androgenic steroids are a problem as long as I can remember.  Already in the nineties almost half of all the steroids on the black market pinched.  That appeared clearly from an analysis of preparations from the nineties, that was published is in 2000 in the German periodical Sportverletzung Sportschaden. 

 The investigation had relation on forty compoundss, that all were originating from the black market in Germany.  It does not concern samples that where bought and examined in the years 2000 or in 1999.  Already in 1997 the same researchers published these results, in another magazine.(2) Because between the publishing of an article in a scientific periodical and the date of publication sometimes a year is well possible, you can assume that these anabolics have been collected early  1996.  Experts, that on our request looked at the testresults, think that this study gives a clear image of the situation halfway the nineties.  Take by example those Parabolans'', says a consulted anabolic expert.  ,, You stumbled about  those in 1997 .  They were pinched, but you could buy them everywhere .  If you  ask me: what were 'the' means of the nineties, then I would say:  Paynes-deca, Thaibol and pinched-Parabolan


 Again an old set of analyses, because I strongly believe that history keep repeating itself througout the years, That why I'll post sets of analyses to enable you to compare.

There is no question about it. Underground steroid products make up the dominant share of the global steroid business now. What was once a market largely fed by real prescription drugs, is now one where small-scale underground manufacturing and home brewing operations thrive. The underground market does accomplish one very substantial thing – it allows the very large demand for these drugs to be met. It will be the first to admit, that were it not for the underground aspect of this trade, there would be far fewer drugs in commerce, and far fewer people with access to them. But this article is not about the availability of underground steroids. It is about their safety.