Although glutamine is a frequent supplement found in protein shakes and the gym bags of many bodybuilders, it is also a non-essential amino acid that many people neglect in their drive to grow muscle.
Get a physique that is extremely muscular and has massive trapezius muscles. The top and middle of your back are where the trapezius muscles, or traps, are located. This three-part muscle extends from the middle of your spine to the base of your head.

You must be intentional if you want to see benefits from your workouts. It's not only about developing consistent exercise habits; it's also about whether you're doing the workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals. The type of workout you engage in will depend on whether you want to shed weight or gain muscle mass.

Supplementing your diet with high-quality protein powder derived from whey or plant sources will help you build muscle, improve post-workout recovery, maintain a healthy metabolism, lose weight, and tone and define your body. But which protein, whey or plant, is the most worthwhile investment? Continue reading to get the inside scoop on the protein powder wars.

Knowing the difference between the different types of testosterone on the market is key to helping you choose the best fit for your cycle.

In the United States, recreational marijuana, sometimes known as cannabis, is legal in 18 states as of January 2022. A total of 28 states have legalized medical marijuana or CBD oil. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services' 2019 National Survey on Drug Use, 46 percent of adults in the United States have tried marijuana.
On January 1, swarms of newbies flock gyms around the country at 8 a.m.
The "New Year, New Me" vibe hangs in the air like thick smoke. The dissatisfaction of the regulars, who are now forced to kneecap supersets out of politeness, is palpable.
New Year's Resolutions are to blame.
IF you are thinking of planning a cycle of steroids or PEDS, or perhaps have already started one, then you must learn the importance of a good PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) protocol. PCT is a protocol hat us usually started after completing a cycle of steroids or PEDs. PCT is usually started a week after finishing your cycle.
Sustanon is the classic king of testosterone in the world. There is no question, this ester blend of testosterone is a classic bulking steroid bused by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and any man who wants to get bigger and stronger. This is not a cutting drug, but it has been used for decades by athletes for competing. 
Sustanon was brought to the international market in the 1970’s by Organon, the company now known as Merck. Organon also brought forth deca durabolin, Andriol (oral form of test undecanoate) and Pregnyl (a brand of HCG). Sustanon was developed to compete with the other esters available to treat TRT (test propionate, cypionate, enanthate). 

To determine if your cycle is working efficiently or if the doses you are taking are appropriate for you as an individual, it is crucial to run bloodwork and testing. These 15 tests should be run pre-cycle, mid-cycle, and post-recovery. Some of these may need to be retested several times if they have shown problematic results. Running these tests is the only way to evaluate your cycles effect medically and adequately on your body's inner workings. Meaning that there is more to consider than just progress pictures or measuring tape and the scale. There are more tests that can and should be run, but you should consider these 15 tests mandatory.