On the left you see a picture of ampoulle made by Newgenpharm, Korea. Its an obvious fake, seen the doses.

Metribolone is an extremely powerfull steroid, some experts even call it monstreous. It is hard ro buy the real products and API's. Mostly because its not only extremely potent, but also extremely expensive. Underground manufacturers that don't have direct contact with an manufacturer of these powders and don't have the ability to analyse them will end up with a substitution or a very underdosed product. We all seen that during our analyses and everyone elso know this from the market in recreational drugs. Most recreational drugs (cocaine or speed by example) are cut heavily, because everyone involved wants to make a profit. Believe me there is no difference in Anabolic market.

Underground Labs (UG) now sell this product as designer steroid and also a mixed product (Hard Core Labs MT-DMN) more info at the end of the article.

You see in increasing amount of both orals (sold as Oral Tren or Oral Parabolan) aswel as injectables. Scientific research showed that subQ injected "oral steroids"  where a minimum tenfold more potent then the oral version.

On the rigt you see a picture with UG Labs selling more realistic dosed products. Geneza Pharma with 250mcg/tab. Genpharm with 10 mg/ml and DutchLabs with 2 mg/ml

In the area of pro-hormones there was a methyldienolone product on the supplement market. That of course disapeared with all other pro-hormones.

 Methyltrienolone is essentially the same compound as trenbolone that has gone under 17 alpha alkylation so that it can remain active after oral administration. So in a basic sense, methyltrienolone offers all of the advantages of trenbolone with the added bonus of being orally active. However, that extra benefit comes with a hefty price when it comes to hepatoxicity as will be demonstrated below.

The many faces of Trenbolone

You can find many articles on the internet about Trenbolone and mostly the writers will tell you that all Trenbolones are equel (they have the same parent compound, right?). The only difference is their half-life due to their estrification and therefore also the active compound will differ due to the molecular weight of the estrification.

Confusing, maybe but during this article I’ll try to explain clearly for all to understand.

Its not only the esterifications that are responsible for the strength effect of these copounds, but also the carriers, the solvents, co-solvents and the concentration. Where one of these Trenbolones like the Trenbolone Enanthate is effective in milligrams per millilitre, an other like Metribolone is allready active in microgrammes. Accourding to VIDA, Oral-Trenbolone (Metribolone or Methyltrienolone) has an androgenic/anabolic ratio of 6,000-7,000 /12,000-30,000 as compared to Trenbolone Acetate/Enanthate 500/ 500.

I plan to update this article on a weekly basis for a long time since I have an enormous amount of data on this subject. If aanyone wants to contribute..I'd appreciate it. You can comment here or in the forumthread on blog section

 Anabolic Update

  by William Llewelyn

New Designer Steroid    Muscular Development June 2007


 This month I thought it would be interesting to introduce readers to a new, underground steroid circulating on the black market. It’s called dimethylnandrolone (DMN) and as its name suggest, it’s a cousin to the popular drug Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate), so highly favoured by athletes for its strong anabolic and mildly androgenic properties. Dimethylnandrolone or DMN for short, is an interesting analogue of nandrolone, displaying high relative potency and favourable estrogenic and androgenic characteristics. Although its emergence on the underground is fairly recent, it’s quickly gaining attention and favourable reviews. With this in mind, I figured a thorough examination was warranted. So, without further fanfare let’s find out what this new “designer” steroid is all about.

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