Methandriol Dipropionate

Methandriol Dipropionate

Substance: methylandrostenediol dipropionate

This compound was first manufactured in the early 80’s as an oral tablet, it also comes as an injectable, dragees which are intended for subglossal intake ( Novandrol from Galenika) and as a water dissolved compound (Methyldiol Aqueous).It was widely used by strongman, powerlifters, bodybuilders and lets not forget other bulk users such as wrestlers and foot ballplayers. Even here, users found out that it was beneficial to combine the oral MD with other steroids. After  a short period other compounds became more popular and MD seemed to be forgotten. But not in Australia and New Zealand where a lot of veterinary steroids like: Androbol® Denkadiol® Drive® Filybol® Filydoc® Geldabol® Libriol® Metabolin® Methandriol® Metasus® Nandrobolin® Protabol® Spectriol® Superbolin® Tribolin “75” ®, used for animal vetting, contained this magical component. Its purpose here was weight and mass gain. It was very popular in Australia and New Zealand because it was much more easily procured than anabolic/androgenic compounds for human use. Some users claim that MD actually increases cell receptor stimulation, and sensitising  the androgenic receptors of the muscle cell  and cause other steroids to work better at the site of cell binding. Others claim that it “cleans” the steroid receptors, wich of course is impossible, no such mechanism is known, what it does do is bind very tightly to the steroid binding globules in the blood stream, displacing other, more effective, in the stack added steroids, and possible amplifying them. That is probably why it's included. in some form, in a lot of combination drugs. That is not to say that it is a weak steroid on its own. It certainly is not. Methandriol on itself is a high anabolic, high androgenic steroid. It is used for strength and weight gains. On its own it is highly estrogenic, wich means that it doesn’t need the enzyme aromatase to convert to oestrogen, but it is estrogenic by nature. In a stack or combined steroid cocktail it is only moderate estrogenic. But it is still not very popular on its own. Most products contain methandriol dipropionate in a combined cocktail, only Denkall Mexicana, a vendor of Troy Laboratories from Australia, sells  a product that contains only methandriol dipropionate 75mg/ml. This gave US athletes the opportunity to create their own magic. Athletes predisposed to gyno could consider to add Proviron® or Clomid® to their stack as a estrogen blocker. Some lifters feel it works well stacked with injectable testosterones. Actual visible side effects are mild in this drug. The injectable form is only slightly toxic. The most common side effects come from the androgenic portion of the drug and can produce mild acne, oily skin, body and facial hair growth as well as hair loss and high blood pressure. Some report gastrointestinal stress. Overall it's a pretty clean drug in the side effect department.

 Many bodybuilders will use about 400mg per week with the injectable, along with one or two other steroids, most likely the only available form is the combination cocktail wich is off course very well suitable, in a mass building campaign it is mostly stacked with Testosterone and/or Dianabol, it is also very valuable as a pre-contest drug, its is in this situation best to use a combination of boldenone undecylenate and methandriol dipropionate like Drive® or a combination with nandrolone like Libriol® together with anavar or Winstrol®  and/or Primobolan®, if your body fat is low during a pre contest phase, extreme hardness can be garnered from such a cycle.

MD is known to benefit the immune system, that’s why veterinarians use compounds like Drive (composition below) and Spectriol (composition below) in cases of crises, if an animal is wounded or just weak, they administer standard an injection to help them through the most difficult time. In Europe you’ll find these compounds mostly in the horse sport, veterinarians give it as a “commonly strengthening means”. These steroid cocktails are standard used at horses and dogs to recover after a race or military event. If the veterinarian administrates the injection to a horse or dog  before a race is illegal and is concidered as doping. Because in Australia these compounds are also very common in the dog races. A compound like Tribolin® (methandriol dipropionate 35 mg/ml and nandrolone decanoate 40 mg/ml) is, accourding the leaflet, a good producer o red bloodcells, and works best as the animal under a lot of physical stress. It improves appetite and weight increase, and is used by the suppression of blood sicknesses.

Some athletes in the power sports have a kind of mental block over using veterinary steroids, they believe that those steroids are inferior and somehow contaminated and that they are packaged under unsterile conditions. But be assured most “veterinary” steroid producers are well aware of the fact that there steroids are ment for the bodybuilding market. Lets get one thing straight. I guess that no one doubts thet the cattle that is treated with these MD mixes, grows like weed. Those farmers want there cattle to grow, to grow fast and put on as little fat as possible, because it is pure muscle they sell as meat. Perhaps they don’t know all about biochemics, but they sure know how to vet their cattle. Off course you cannot translate these results in animals to human athletes, but most of the veterinary steroids work for humans equel as for cattle. And every individual knew that enormous amount of Australian steroids to Mexico, was in fact meant for the US bodybuilding market. This situation is seriously changed.

In the year 2000, the newspaper “The Age” made a special about Australian steroids, called “Steroids our flourishing export”. This article revealed that Australia had become the leading supplier to the multi-million-dollar world steroid black market as a result of lax Federal Government export controls. Troy Laboratories, a large manufacturer of veterinary steroids,  announced that it will no longer sell steroids to its Mexican distributor, Denkal. A second manufacturer whose steroids were being sold on the Mexican black market, Jurox, has also vowed to halt sales that may be being diverted to human use. RWR officials told  vet suppliers in Mexico that the Australian Govt has stopped them from exporting to other countries due to the abuse in Mexico(Illium).   After these articles, members of the senate pushed an act through that banned the exportation of all vet steroids as they have found that they were being used predominantly on the black-market overseas.

We live in a market economy and where is demand for anything, the offer will come. Now the overseas exportation of Australian vet-steroids had collapsed, the first Russian made countereits came to the market, these two where anlysed.

Composition of Spectriol: Methandriol dipropionate 20 mg/ml, nadrolone phenylpropionate 15 mg/ml, testosteron enanthate 10 mg/ml, testosterone hexahydrobenzoate 10 mg/ml, testsosterone propionate 5 mg/ml, testsoterone cypionate 5 mg/ml, with a total of 65 mg/ml.

The fake Spectriol contained:

Testosterone deconate 7,7 mg/ml, testosterone fenylpropionate 26 mg/ml, testosterone isocaproate 25 mg/ml, with a total o 59 mg/ml.

Composition of Drive:

Boldenone undecylenate 25 mg/ml, methandriol dipropionate 30 mg/ml, with a total of 55 mg/ml.

The fake Drive contained: Testosterone deconate 7,7 mg/ml, testosterone fenylpropionate 4,5 mg/ml, testosterone isocaproate 4,8 mg/ml, nandrolone decanoate 13,5 mg/ml, with a total of 30,5 mg/ml.

Because people still want to use these items there where copies made that didn’t look like the original items but contain the real active ingredients in the real proportions. And because people are allways afraid to use these copies under a no longer used brandname, underground laboratories like Generic Supplements came to the market with an own version of Drive that was called “OverDrive” and contains methandriol dipropionate 90 mg/ml and boldenone undecylenate 150 mg/ml. Almost three times the doses that RWR used for its Drive, this makes it an extremely price worthy item.

Methandriol scientific: In an old periodical, we found an article in which researchers of Syntex claim that the component, that we now know as  methandriol, was synthesised and tested on laboratory animals, and it turned out to be quite anabolic on its own.  

In table 1 you are able to see what kind of kind of steroid it is.  They are 19nor-androgenics by which the double ties in the A-ring are moved  to the B-ring. They are also diols.  In the first phase of the precursor era, they where called 19nor-5-andro-diols.  The analogues with the most marked anabolic effects were IIId (the 17-alfa-ethyl-analogue) and IIIe (the 17-alfa-methyl-analogue).  Analogue IIIe is methandriol.  The diols are probable more asset than the 3-ones, because the double bond by the 3-ones moves  faster to the A-ring. 

That also happened with the 1,5-dehydro-anabolics with which Schering performed tests in the sixties.  In these tests of the researchers of Syntex, Methandriol (IIIe) is seven times more powerful than methyltestosterone.  Analogous IIId is a bit less potent.

Journal or the American Chemical Society Vol.  81, No.  2:  January 20, 1959


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