Every now and then, a drug is becoming a “Hot topic”. In the first month of this year Andreas Cahling posts about the new YouTube clip from Jerry Brainum: "Why are bodybuilders suddenly talking about using this illegal Russian drug known as Phenibut?

From Beauty Queen to Fighter

I was reading a muscle magazine and I read about Whitney Miller who is a very unusual girl in the Fitness industry. She was Miss Texas 2012, and subsequently Miss United States 2012, but not only she is also a professional wake surfer, a Fitness model and a TV host.

That’s all nice and beautiful but why would I write a blogpost about her? Well after her beauty contests she took up kickboxing to stay in shape. Then she made the decision to pursue a career in combat sports. From Brazilian jiu-jitsu to MMA and in 2016 she made her amateur boxing debut against River Fuller.

And she not only good looking but also very open on her unusual recreational and supplemental drug use. On the net you can find many interviews with her and I combined some to a i.m.o. nice overview.

In every gym you can find people that go through their training routine with the same exercises, repetitions and sets. With all the well paid top athletes it is only normal that our scientific community studies the best number of sets – repetitions and intensity, to meet the different goals of the athletes. Of course most gymgoers also have ideas on this subject.

Recently Nolvadex (tamoxifen) has become a bad reputation, especially since some moderators and discussionboard members copy paste articles, that contain alarming percentages about high decreases in IGF-1 and free testosterone after tamoxifen usage. This coupled with spectacular increases in adipose tissue.

But is that true? What we know is that Old School bodybuilders used Nolvadex and Clomid during their cycle and in the PCT. Thus is tamoxifen aka nolva that bad? Let’s take a closer look.


A new way of using an old Hormone

Just like with us some scientists are really interested in effect of anabolic steroids with or without recombinant Growth Hormone, maybe not for the same reasons it interests us, but their research is very interesting for us iron adepts. The research results from Professor Ken Ho and Dr. Vita Birzniece are discussed in many discussion-forums, but not that many people on the forums are aware of the full impact of the results. Just look at the broad line of their research on the somatropin axis – doping – testosterone and application and doses.

If you want answers to this questions, you’ll find in all corners of the internet, the same article with high percentages of collagen increases by anabolic steroids. Many people copy and paste the same article sooner or later in almost every thread (posted below in blue). As with many online articles is difficult to find out who was the first one to post and like many articles this article doesn’t reveal its sources or the scientific studies that back up the claims.

Pramipexole is a dopamine agonist belonging to the same class of drugs as Cabergoline. Dopamine agonists function directly on dopamine receptors and imitate the endogenous neurotransmitter. Basically, Pramipexole is used for the treatment of the early stage of Parkinson’s Disease, along with the Restless Legs Syndrome (RDS). The drug has also shown promising signs in the treatment of bipolar depression, although it has never officially held this label. Recently, Pramipexole has been used for headaches and to help get rid of the problems related to sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, this medication is extremely beneficial for bodybuilders, whether natural or enhanced.

While low testosterone (“low T”) is more common among older men, it can also affect men under 30. What causes low T in young men?

Regardless of your age, a loss of sex drive, the development of impotence, and/or reduced muscle mass and strength; should give any knowledgeable doctor a red flag that T levels aren't on par.

Faithful readers of this blog know that made many blogposts about the influence of Testosterone on libido as well as hypogonadism on men. But it takes two to tango. Thus lets focus on the women in this regard. Don’t be mistaken women, just like men, use all kinds of drugs to start, restore, maintain or enhance their libido, especially when growing older.

Most bodybuilders look down Aspirin, and consider it too weak and mild to be used as a drug to treat the severe pain caused by heavy bodybuilding and powerlifting training. Too mild to effectively treat pain on back, tendons, joints and muscles. Most of them strongly believe you need the harsher means like the for bodybuilders, wrestlers, powerlifters and other iron warriors notorious Nubain. The brand name was discontinued in 2008, but the generic versions are still easy to obtain.

But why would you want to use such an addictive, ruining and dangerous drug, if other over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers can ease your aches and help you get on with your heavy training. NSAIDs are one of two major types of OTC pain relievers.