It is common knowledge that a nutritious diet combined with regular exercise is a tried-and-true approach to lose weight. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of both the food they eat and the liquids they consume. The liquids you consume on a daily basis have an impact on your weight loss goals. We'll look at the link between alcohol and weight loss in this post. What are your thoughts on whether or not alcohol slows your metabolism? Let's get this figured out!

Unilateral Exercises

Many of our go-to exercises like bench press can be great for strengthening, however if it’s the only way we train, we might be suffering in the long run. Unilateral exercises can help correct muscle imbalances in training. When doing bilateral movements, the dominant limb may compensate for the weaker limb, so unilateral will ensure that each side is working equally. Doing unilateral training will also help with overall symmetry, as well as engaging your core more.

When your joints don’t feel good, you don’t feel good. These 300 connection points are important for your daily life, as well as your workouts. Healthy joints can help you stay mobile as you age. While genetics do affect the strength of your cartilage, there is still plenty of measures you can take to stabilize, fortify, and pain-proof your joints.

The Pandemic so far has proven to be challenging for gym rats worldwide with mass closures, gyms going out of business, lockdowns, and the awfulness of wearing a mask while busting your ass. But many have made the most out of this time and dedicated their time to improving their physique and making gains. The pandemic has been especially hard for bodybuilders to show off in the competitions last year, but this year with travel becoming easier and less lockdowns, competition season is raring to go.
A lean or muscular body is not the only indicator of a person’s physical fitness. While the bodybuilding community focuses on the idea of achieving the winning physique, there are other factors to consider when evaluating your physical fitness. Common fitness indicators such as strength, endurance, or speed are all worthwhile goals to improve, but there is one factor that often is an oversight: stamina. Stamina combines multiple components of fitness into one category.

If you’re into the bodybuilding world, you have probably heard about the use of Growth Hormone (GH, or Human Growth Hormone-HGH). Also known as the fountain of youth, growth hormone affects your overall health, longevity, looks, physique, memory, and concentration. HGH can also preserve telomere length, which increases your lifespan! But did you know how growth hormone affects sleep? We are going to go into specifics about the role sleep plays in growth hormone secretion and athletic performance. 

Should each working set be at maximal effort every workout? There are many schools of thought here but the short answer is - no! Though a novice lifter may attempt their 1rpm max every single workout, they eventually plateau and we are often faced with the fact that your 1rpm changes day-to-day, week-to-week, and so on. With exception to newbie gains and PEDS, your body simply cannot achieve the same numerical level of greatness each workout - not forever.

The last 10 years of technological innovation has really help put Bodybuilding back on the radar. Though, Bodybuilding has always been a thriving industry, the advent of social media and smart phones have given the newest generation of bodybuilders more media coverage than the older guys could ever get. 

Nowadays alcohol consumption in western countries is considerably increasing. Also after sport events and not only the public drinks, the athletes themselves like to drink to victory.

You’ve probably heard that alcohol calories will make you fat and that beer causes beer bellies. You may have heard that alcohol consumption negatively affects your metabolism and testosterone production, or even that it hampers protein synthesis.