May 2021

So, you have an interest in using anabolic steroids. Maybe you are brand new to the game, maybe you’ve done a cycle, maybe you’re very experienced, or maybe you’ve only used one method or type of steroid in the past. Whatever your reasons, here is the lowdown on the most common steroids in the oral and injectable categories.
The Pandemic so far has proven to be challenging for gym rats worldwide with mass closures, gyms going out of business, lockdowns, and the awfulness of wearing a mask while busting your ass. But many have made the most out of this time and dedicated their time to improving their physique and making gains. The pandemic has been especially hard for bodybuilders to show off in the competitions last year, but this year with travel becoming easier and less lockdowns, competition season is raring to go.
“No pain, no gain” can be a dangerous phrase for the average gym-goer. When someone hears this, they likely become more willing to engage in risky gym behavior or push themselves into dangerous territory of getting an injury. You hear it all the time, someone goes to the gym for the first time, jumps right into an advanced class or difficult workout, then they are down and out with an injury for sometimes weeks.
A lean or muscular body is not the only indicator of a person’s physical fitness. While the bodybuilding community focuses on the idea of achieving the winning physique, there are other factors to consider when evaluating your physical fitness. Common fitness indicators such as strength, endurance, or speed are all worthwhile goals to improve, but there is one factor that often is an oversight: stamina. Stamina combines multiple components of fitness into one category.

If you are thinking of competing in the physique world, you need to do research on what it takes to get there. When most people think of the body type of someone who is on gear, they typically think of freakishly (in a good way) massive dudes hitting the gym multiple times a day or a body type like someone such as Phil Heath. When in reality, just because someone is not as big as these dudes, does not necessarily mean that they are natural. You can be 150 lbs., and still be taking anabolic steroids. The fact is that the stacks, dosages, and length of cycle will depend on your personal goals, category you are training for, and your genetics. 

Sustanon is the classic king of testosterone in the world. There is no question, this ester blend of testosterone is a classic bulking steroid bused by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and any man who wants to get bigger and stronger. This is not a cutting drug, but it has been used for decades by athletes for competing. 
Sustanon was brought to the international market in the 1970’s by Organon, the company now known as Merck. Organon also brought forth deca durabolin, Andriol (oral form of test undecanoate) and Pregnyl (a brand of HCG). Sustanon was developed to compete with the other esters available to treat TRT (test propionate, cypionate, enanthate). 
Dianabol (commonly known as Dbol) was the first ever oral androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS). Other names you can find it under are, Methandienone, or methandrostenolone, or sometimes simply “methan”. Dbol has been a crazy popular steroid in the bodybuilding world for the past 40 years. Dbol is mostly used in bulking cycles, as it helps users gain significant muscle size and strength. 
When you are about to hit the gym, you generally have a plan of what you’re going to do: “What muscle group am I working? Will I try to hit a new max? How many sets will I do?” But the question of “how long should I rest for?” often is overlooked. Resting between sets is important because the chemical processes in your body that happen while putting in effort could cause fatigue.