Competition Season is in Full Swing

The Pandemic so far has proven to be challenging for gym rats worldwide with mass closures, gyms going out of business, lockdowns, and the awfulness of wearing a mask while busting your ass. But many have made the most out of this time and dedicated their time to improving their physique and making gains. The pandemic has been especially hard for bodybuilders to show off in the competitions last year, but this year with travel becoming easier and less lockdowns, competition season is raring to go.
If you’ve been training and lifting at the gym for a while, perhaps competing in a show is your next goal. To compete, you must be in top condition. Take a long hard look at your own physique, and consider your genetics, metabolism, hormone levels, and progress history. It takes strength, dedication, and perseverance to get in competition shape, so having the right positive attitude and maintaining focus is crucial. 
Bodybuilding is perhaps one of the most challenging sport in the world. Every minute, day, week, and month are important to the lead-up for competition day. It’s not for someone who gives up easily, who can’t handle stress well, who can’t keep their nutrition and lifting in check. Not to mention the focus it takes to actually build the muscle in a balanced and appealing way. You must maintain all of this as a lifestyle – and it goes beyond just what you lift in the gym. Sleep and proper recovery is important. Keeping your hormones balanced or at peak performance, timing of meals and ensuring the proper amounts of fats, carbs, and especially protein can be challenging in and of itself. You also must start to factor in water intake, supplements, chemicals, everything that you put in your body has some effect. 
That being said, lets take a look at last weekend’s 2021 IFBB New York Pro winners.
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Men’s Open Bodybuilding 
1. Nick Walker
2. Justin Rodriguez
3. Hassan Mostafa
4. Dorian Haywood
5. Mohammed El Emam
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
1. Nathan Epler
2. John Jewett
3. Noel Adame
4. Derik Oslan
5. Justin Randall
6. Sahar Kazes
7. Oswaldo Gonzalez
8. Peter Castella
9. Samir Troudi
10. Devaughn Bartley
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Classic Physique 
1. Dani Younan
2. Zeek Andrews
3. Sabur Favors
4. Marco Ruz
5. Brandon Kidd
6. Jason Strayhand
7. William Ghent Scott
8. Dominic Semenza
9. Bo Jones
10. Leo Mayrhofer
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Men’s Physique 
1. Erin Banks
2. Rodrigue Chesnier
3. Aryan Safaie
4. Emanuel Hunter
5. Clarence Mcspadden
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1. Leah Dennie
2. LaDawn Mcday
3. Tamara Makar
4. Anne Sheehan
5. Wendy Sanchez
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Bikini 
1. Romina Basualdo
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Gabrielle Messias
4. Jessica Wilson
5. Emily Plajer
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Women’s Physique 
1. Alyssa Kiessling
2. Sheronica Henton
3. Yuna Kim
4. Julia Whitesel
5. Claudia Arroyo
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Figure 
1. Maria Diaz
2. Shelace Shoemaker
3. Latoya Farley
4. Jessica Huete
5. Desiree Alferes
2021 IFBB Pro League NY Pro Wellness 
1. Yarishna Ayala
2. Angela Borges
3. Devoné Martin
4. Renee Harshley
5. Sunny Andrews