One of our members used this petide to get a nice tan. It’s a MT2 with a nice box with hologram. The top (with brand name), label and box are made in the same colour with great precision and it looks like a pharmaceutical item. The brandname and info are not traceble on the internet, thus it concerns a underground made product, most probably originating from China or India. Our member was very curious to its quality. That’s why I decided to run an analysis.

The brandname is Scenic batchnumber: 000001380 expiring: 01 december 2010

As you can easily see, the main compound has a MW  (Molecular Weight) of 1024.5 Da (Dalton) which is in accordance with the cyclic peptide.


However, there are a high number of minor contaminations in the sample which you see better in the zoom pictures.

 PT141 and MT2 are peptides mostly used by bodybuilders and partygoers. They where tested for PT141 in a phase3  clinical trial, to be used as a tanning agent and to increase the libido. They didn't make into the "real world" and no pharmaceutical company can ask huge prices to sell it to the general public (like they did/do with Viagra). But it is used in the underground scene and underneath this article we will inform you about "real life' usage.

Horn of rhinoceros. Penis of tiger. Root of sea holly. Husk of the emerald-green blister beetle known as the Spanish fly. So colorful and exotic is the list of substances that have been claimed to heighten sexual appetite that it’s hard not to feel a twinge of disappointment on first beholding the latest entry—a small white plastic nasal inhaler containing an odorless, colorless synthetic chemical called PT-141. Plain as it is, however, there is one thing that distinguishes PT-141 from the 4,000 years’ worth of recorded medicinal aphrodisiacs that precede it: It actually works.