melatonan 2

One of our members used this petide to get a nice tan. It’s a MT2 with a nice box with hologram. The top (with brand name), label and box are made in the same colour with great precision and it looks like a pharmaceutical item. The brandname and info are not traceble on the internet, thus it concerns a underground made product, most probably originating from China or India. Our member was very curious to its quality. That’s why I decided to run an analysis.

The brandname is Scenic batchnumber: 000001380 expiring: 01 december 2010

As you can easily see, the main compound has a MW  (Molecular Weight) of 1024.5 Da (Dalton) which is in accordance with the cyclic peptide.


However, there are a high number of minor contaminations in the sample which you see better in the zoom pictures.