So, You've Purchased a Tire...
What exactly does one do with a 400-pound tire? There's a lot here. Allow this primer on mistreating your new tire in the name of fitness to serve as your guide.

Knowing the difference between the different types of testosterone on the market is key to helping you choose the best fit for your cycle.

Not seeing the progress you want in your biceps and triceps? The reason could be simpler than you might think. Here I’ll share five possible reasons that might explain why you’re not seeing the gains you’ve been working towards in your arms. 
For most typical lifters, 3-4 weight training workouts per week is the benchmark when it comes to increasing muscle size and strength.
This is the "sweet spot" that I recommend to most trainees since it's a high enough frequency to optimize the overall effort for each muscle group without going overboard.
To get the most out of your session, work out any tension. Work Smarter, not harder. 
Being too painful and stiff is possibly the only guilt-free justification for skipping gym sessions. However, if you're consistently skipping workouts due to painful muscles, it's time to think about doing some direct work to fix the problem.
There are two options for skinny guys:
Accept their fate and spend the rest of their lives looking skinny and feeble.
Take action to correct the situation. Consume extra calories. Work hard in the gym. Gain weight and turn their body into a suit of armor.
Whether you’re a hobby bodybuilder, a pro, or are using steroids primarily for strength and performance instead of aesthetics, you know that anabolic steroids come with some risks. Here’s what users need to do to maintain their health. 
It's all about taking it slow with this smart leg day workout. If you slow down the tempo on your heavy lifts, you'll see quick gains.
If you've ever been to a group exercise class where everyone's heart rates and projected calorie burning are displayed on a screen, you know how different these numbers can be. You've probably also observed that guys burn more calories than women on average. Have you ever wondered why, even during the same workout, different people burn calories at such varied rates?

"You are what you eat," as we've all heard before.

But what exactly does that imply?
It indicates that what we eat has a significant impact on our health, and our bodies' well-being is dependent on what we eat. That includes the foods we consume before to working out.