Training between bodybuilding and obtaining a beach body differs greatly. Bodybuilders use heavy weights in their workouts to achieve a huge, well-balanced body. If you want to get a beach body, you'll need to eat and lift a little less. But there's a lot more to it.
When we think about it, we all have an image of how we want to look in the end. Maybe you want to seem athletic and sleek, with beautiful abs and just enough muscle to turn heads at a pool party in Vegas. Or perhaps you wish to be big, with thick, dense muscular slabs. You want people to think “holy sh*t!” when they see you. 
Grip strength is vital for a reason: it's required for practically every activity.
Let's put the weights aside for a minute. You use your grip strength when you pick up a box, move a chair, vacuum, fry an egg, or even drive. Cricket, golf, tennis, mountain climbing, and rugby are among sports that demand good grip. 

Whatever you focus on expands, as it has been said many times. "Whatever you focus on, whether positive or negative, is what you get," I explain, "so focus on the positive and you'll attract more positive into your life."

I'm not claiming that I'm constantly in a good mood or that simply thinking positive thoughts will get you where you want to go. Negative ideas creep up on me, too, but I don't let them last as long as they used to. Look out, world, when I'm focused. I believe we can do practically anything if we FOCUS.
"How do I know if I'm training enough?" is a question I see a lot. It seems pretty straightforward. However, the answers might be a little more complex than you expect. So let's look at what training is and how we set objectives for our training goals. Then you can decide if you trained enough.

We are all familiar with building and sculpting the major muscle groups into our weekly splits. We tend to focus on the larger and more prominent areas of our bodies. But to complete the overall look of a complete and balanced physique, we still need to put some work into a few other areas which might not seem as important or are easily glossed over. Incorporate these minor detail exercises into your split to add the finishing touches to your physique.
Clen (clenbuterol) is all the rage among body builders. Why? Because it’s been shown time and time reduce body fat in a short time while retaining lean muscle, and some suggest it can increase lean muscle mass. Anyone serious about stepping on stage has probably considered using clen.  
Let’s be frank. A lot of us struggle with our rear delt development compared to the rest of our shoulder. Whether it be neglecting them in general or just inefficient training, if you want to build bigger rear delts and have that 3D shoulder look, the first step is to ditch the reverse dumbbell flys.
Although this blog is intended to highlight the best supplements for mass building, we must reiterate that supplements alone are not the key to building muscle. Building muscle requires an adequate amount of food, from high-quality sources, with a big focus on protein. A good measure for protein intake is the recommended 0.8g-1.2g per pound of bodyweight. You should also have a mix of both complex and simple carbs, and healthy fats. 
There comes a point in bodybuilding where you must bulk to gain muscle, and not everyone wants to or can do it with gear. Winter and late fall is when most bodybuilders choose to start their bulking phase, so that eating more and training heavier isn’t done during beach season or competition season. In order to have a successful bulk while staying natty, your plan needs to be precise and executed properly. 
Stretching is a fitness staple, unfortunately for many bodybuilders, stretching is just an afterthought to their training regimen. Many people don’t see the value in stretching unless they actively want to improve their flexibility or mobility. But did you know that certain types of stretching, like fascial stretching (also known as Extreme Stretching or Extreme Fascial Stretching (E.F.S.) can actually help your body unlock even further muscle building capability?