Social Media: A New Era of Bodybuilding

The last 10 years of technological innovation has really help put Bodybuilding back on the radar. Though, Bodybuilding has always been a thriving industry, the advent of social media and smart phones have given the newest generation of bodybuilders more media coverage than the older guys could ever get. 
Fortunately, we all have smart phones now and the majority of us are no stranger to social media, or just being flat out consumed by our phones for that matter! Social media is no longer just about keeping up with your friends and family; it is now used for a wide variety of reasons.
Today, you can fire up Youtube, Instagram, Facebook – you name it – and see your favorite entertainers offering advice, giving detailed instructions, or just going on about their day. 
Take Larry Wheels, for example. This 26 year old, 6’1”, openly-enhanced bodybuilder has taken social media by storm, namely Youtube. It didn’t take long for experienced and up-and-comers to notice this genetic freak breaking PRs weekly and throwing outrageous weight around. At 270 pounds, he deadlifts 855, his bench is 610, and his squat is a flat 810! 
What really makes Larry Wheels special isn’t just his monstrous strength but rather the content he is putting out on his channel on a near daily basis! In the last year, his focus has been on collaborating with other Youtube sensations. You are getting 2 for the price of 1! He offers very valuable and entertaining content from both Larry and his collabs!  They do the full workout, while having fun, talking shit, and going over the why behind their lifting logic. This is coaching right from the source of bodybuilding!
This is what bodybuilders need – to get inside the world of bodybuilding. 
If you are 30 years old or more, chances are you learned to lift haphazardly, reading magazines, learning from friends, without having any real structure. For many of us, it took a very long time to figure things out and see results that stuck. Bodybuilding is an acquired skill; you don’t just pick it up right away.
We are living in a time where our newest lifters can get a high-quality education from experienced lifters ON A DAILY BASIS. Technology is evolving and so are we. 
Bodybuilding has never been more achievable than it is now!