June 2021

If you’ve been trying to grow your legs to no avail, even after following the basic advice you hear regarding muscle growth, then this is worth a read. 
There is more that goes into muscle growth besides just “lift heavy low reps”, which is the case as well, but if you’ve hit a wall with your growth, it may be time to incorporate some tweaks to your leg workouts. 

So You Want to Shred Some Fat – But Can’t

So, you’re trying to shred some fat but are having a hard time. Maybe you’re just starting out and haven’t tried to lose weight before, or maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your weight loss. Losing weight is hard. So many things can set you back without even realizing it. What is important is to acknowledge these factors which are prohibiting you from getting lean.

Testosterone is the primary male sexual hormone and has a large impact on the building of muscle tissue, bone density, and strength. In the bodybuilding world, testosterone is often used as an anabolic androgenic steroid and is often the main feature of a steroid cycle, particularly cycles which allow for injectables. There are a few ways testosterone is made and different compounds it is incorporated in. However, we will focus on Testosterone Base.

  1. I will not let my mind hold me back.

Your mind is the thing that places limitations on your body. If you can break through the controls of your mind, you can unlock a whole new level of performance.

  1. I am going to feel amazing after this workout.

Who ever regrets a workout after they’re finished? Chances are, if you push through this workout, you’ll feel better than when you started. Anything is better than nothing.

  1. I trust myself because I follow through with commitments.

You do follow through with commitments! Your commitment to your body, your health, your wellbeing. You take care of yourself by exercising and giving your body nutrients. You are healthy.


Women with higher levels of vitamin D3 have been shown to experience more intense orgasms and enjoy sex more than women who are low in vitamin D3. But what about the guys? Is there anything we can ingest that will give us better orgasms? Well, we see lists all over the internet with a bunch of food that no one has heard of, that if you eat, then in about 2-4 weeks you will see a slight improvement. But not all of us want to incorporate some weird sounding supplements. Some of us want to eat regular food that we can find easily at the store.

The prevalence of erectile and sexual dysfunction affects approximately 2% of men under age 40, around 53% of men aged 40-70 years, and more than 85% of men over age 80.

According to a new study, that food, or rather foods, which can help you experience more intense orgasms are as simple as heading to your local grocer – and picking up some walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.

When you think about it, your knees are put under a lot of stress daily. With bending the knee hundreds of times per day, carrying your weight around, and exercising, the tissue in and around your kneecap can easily become irritated. The knee as a joint is quite intricate, using bones, menisci, muscles, ligaments, and tendons which all support the knee.

For over 75 years thyroid hormones have been used for weight loss. However, still to this day there is debates on the calorigenic effects to be characterized by different thyroid hormones. While it is not currently indicated to be a weight loss agent, there have been numerous studies which show that the administration of thyroid hormones can initiate weight loss.

Want to get stronger while adding minimal bulk? Turinabol might be right for you. Turinabol lags in popularity behind some other oral anabolic steroids since it produces dry, lean muscle gains rather than insane muscle mass. While your mass gets filled out, it will not have a watery or balloon appearance to it.

So, you’re concerned about your alcohol intake while on gear. Good on you for thinking about the possible effects. Just because you are on gear doesn’t mean that you want to stop drinking alcohol altogether. But is it safe to do so? Here’s what you should know.