The Basics of Testosterone Base

Testosterone is the primary male sexual hormone and has a large impact on the building of muscle tissue, bone density, and strength. In the bodybuilding world, testosterone is often used as an anabolic androgenic steroid and is often the main feature of a steroid cycle, particularly cycles which allow for injectables. There are a few ways testosterone is made and different compounds it is incorporated in. However, we will focus on Testosterone Base.

Testosterone is almost always used as an injectable ester or suspension because of its poor bioavailability, as well as how impractical it is for high dose transdermal or sublingual delivery. Most forms of testosterone include the active agent testosterone and the ester attached. This determines the release time and duration of the active life. Therefore, long esters release the active agent (testosterone) into the blood slowly. Because it is slowly introduced into the blood, long esters proved more stable hormone levels for a long period of time. However, with this comes the lack of peaks.

Now, what exactly is Testosterone Base? Test Base is the most potent form of testosterone available. Testosterone Base is testosterone without an ester. It is 100% pure testosterone (similar to testosterone suspension). Testosterone Base is suspended in an oil and solvent solution, NOT water (aka Test Suspension). Because Test Base has no ester, the blood Testosterone levels skyrocket in a short period of time, but also fall of faster than other testosterones with ester. Additionally, since it is pure testosterone with no ester attached, there is no ester calculated in the weight. For example, 100 mg of a testosterone ester really equals 100mg minus the weight of the ester. However, Test Base contains 100 mg of the steroid. Therefore, it is very potent, very powerful, and very effective.

Test Base is effective immediately after injection. Its half-life is only 2 hours! Which makes it the perfect preworkout. It increases energy and helps create lean muscle mass and improved strength in the least amount of time. That being said, it is not a miracle. If someone chooses to take Test Base, they still must put in hard work, particularly in the gym and a strict diet. Workouts should be daily, and you should be pushing yourself to your limits each workout.

 Test Base is only available through injection. You will need a 25-gauge needle instead of the typical 22 gauge. This is because a 22-gauge needle will result in some of the testosterone being stuck in the syringe part before it is all injected to the body. These injection sites can become sore.

Test Base is administered every 3-4 days. The average male dose would typically be between 350-1000 mg per week. Women will see desirable results from low doses of 50-100mgs per week. The average cycle duration is between 8-20 weeks, depending on your personal goals. A typical 12-week cycle can yield around 15-20 lbs. of lean body mass.

Test Base does have side effects. In some cases, it can lead to gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breasts), bloating, and water retention due to the estrogenic properties. For this reason, an anti-estrogen such as Anastrozole, Proviron, or Tamoxifen should be incorporated to help keep the estrogen related side effects to a minimum. Some people may need to use a stronger anti-estrogen, particularly if they are on a very high dose (750-1000 mgs) or extremely sensitive users. Stronger anti-estrogens such as Letrozole or Exemestane can be suitable for these situations.

Other side effects can include difficulty sleeping, appetite changes, sore joints and muscles, shrinking of testicles. The biggest side effect with Test Base is that it is generally hard on the system, and is particularly hard on the liver. Additional side effects such as acne or male pattern baldness are possible as well.