15 Mantras to Get You Through Your Workout

  1. I will not let my mind hold me back.

Your mind is the thing that places limitations on your body. If you can break through the controls of your mind, you can unlock a whole new level of performance.

  1. I am going to feel amazing after this workout.

Who ever regrets a workout after they’re finished? Chances are, if you push through this workout, you’ll feel better than when you started. Anything is better than nothing.

  1. I trust myself because I follow through with commitments.

You do follow through with commitments! Your commitment to your body, your health, your wellbeing. You take care of yourself by exercising and giving your body nutrients. You are healthy.


  1. Keep going and let my mind catch up with my body.

Just get your body started, even if it is mindlessly at first. Once your body is moving, your mind will catch up and help you stay in the groove.

  1. I don’t need to feel perfect to have a great workout.

If you wait for everything to be perfect and for the stars to align to have a good workout, you’re going to be setting yourself back forever. Just get started, even let the weaknesses and negatives fuel your workout.

  1. I will defy my own limitations.

Only you can put in the grind. And only you can finish what you started. Nobody is going to do it for you – so if you want to exceed your expectations and break your limitations, you need to put in the hard work.

  1. My mind is cleared of “can’t”.

The word “can’t” is no longer in your vocabulary. You can do anything. You must make the choice to do it or not. But can’t is not an option, because you know you CAN. But will you?

  1. I’m doing this for me.

You’re not getting healthy for anyone else. You’re not getting fit for anyone else. Maybe to impress others, but its because YOU care enough to impress them. You are doing this for you. You don’t want to let yourself down, do you?

  1. I will never know my limits until I push myself to them.

How will you ever know what you can achieve if you don’t put in maximum effort? You can go through life being mediocre, doing the bare minimum, but living like that isn’t fulfilling and you will never know what your true limits are. Get up, push yourself. You can do this.

  1.  I am entirely up to myself. Make my body. Make my life. Make myself.

Nobody can do these things for you. They can guide you, but ultimately its up to YOU to put in the work and get things done. If you want to be a better version of yourself, only YOU can do that. You are entirely up to you.

  1.  Success does not go to me. I go to it.

Success does not just fall upon people. Look around at the people you deem successful. Did they just happen to have the best genetics to get that physique? No! They still had to put in hard work. People are not just given things because they have potential. They need to prove themselves and put in work.

  1.  I’m capable of doing it. So why not finish what I started?

You’re running. You’re sweaty, hot, breathing heavy, and really want to quit. But you’re so close to finishing this lap. Why would you give up halfway? Keep going and do the thing you wanted and intended to do. You will feel so accomplished by completing what you set out to.

  1.  Failure isn’t falling down. It’s staying down

Everyone falls down at some point, even the best. But the people who succeed at their goals pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get going again. Only the weak give up and stay down.

  1.  Discipline is just between what I want now and what I want most.

If you have goals, you need discipline to shape the plan of how you get there. Having a want, or a goal, means nothing if you have no discipline to help you get there. You can want it, but without a plan to get there, it means nothing.

  1.  I don’t HAVE to work out. I GET to workout

Not everyone is as lucky as you to even have the opportunity to work out. Some people do not even have the capabilities to work out. Some defy those limits. But you still have arms and legs and a back that works, so you should nourish your body and do it for yourself and those who cant.