April 2021

What is Anger? 
Anger is a natural feeling, but it can be unwanted or irrational at times. Anger can be a secondary emotion to sadness, fear, perceived threats, or loneliness. While anger can alter your state of mind, it can also trigger physical changes like increased heart rate, blood pressure, levels of adrenaline or other ‘fight or flight’ hormones. 
In resistance training or weight training, there are two different ways of building your workouts, and each delivers different results in terms of muscle growth or personal fitness. 
The term volume describes how much work you do, in terms of weight training. This can be the number of repetitions, or “reps” that you perform of an exercise or muscle group. Intensity describes the effort or difficulty of an exercise, usually based on the amount of weight that is lifted. 

To determine if your cycle is working efficiently or if the doses you are taking are appropriate for you as an individual, it is crucial to run bloodwork and testing. These 15 tests should be run pre-cycle, mid-cycle, and post-recovery. Some of these may need to be retested several times if they have shown problematic results. Running these tests is the only way to evaluate your cycles effect medically and adequately on your body's inner workings. Meaning that there is more to consider than just progress pictures or measuring tape and the scale. There are more tests that can and should be run, but you should consider these 15 tests mandatory.

If you are here, chances are that you have an interest in building or enhancing your physique. Therefore, there is a chance that you have heard of Testosterone, specifically Testosterone Cypionate (Test C, or Test Cyp). So what is Testosterone Cypionate? Test Cypionate is the most common anabolic hormone out there. It is an injectable steroid, and a prescription medication that treats hypogonadism (low testosterone production). Test Cypionate is one of the best mass building anabolic known to man and is highly recommended as the basis of nearly any mass building cycle.
When you are on a cycle and taking synthetic testosterone and other androgens, your body shuts off its ability to produce testosterone naturally. That is where hCG comes in. hCG, Human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced in the female body during pregnancy. Accidentally, in the male body, hCG can treat hypogonadism, by stimulating the body to start producing natural testosterone again. 
So, you want to be the best? The biggest? The baddest? You want to be a freak? You want people to stare and think how TF is this guy so big? You want women to drop to their knees? 
Let’s be honest with ourselves then. You didn’t get where you are today on genetics alone. Those other dudes at the gym, the bodybuilding champions, or the guys in the magazines didn’t get there on their genetics either. In order to become the best, biggest, baddest freak you need to put everything aside and WORK FOR IT. And when you think you’re working hard, WORK HARDER. The expectations you put on yourself? They’re not big enough to become what you want to be. 

Spend time at the gym and talking to other gym rats long enough, and you’re bound to hear about Clen. Clen, which is short for Clenbuterol, is a popular drug made to treat asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but is commonly used in the bodybuilding world as a powerful fat burner.