Old USA UgLab tests

When we analysed samples from Underground Laboratories, a member of our forum asked me if I wanted to do a  "special" on American samples. The market in the US is special from most parts of the world, the generic domestic American market that is. Because the Law Enforcement is so unbelievable strict on PED's (performence enhancing drugs) in street slang steroids, roids or anabolics the brands and sellers fluctuate more often than in other parts of the world.

This should be especially interesting for some US bodybuilders that know one or more of the analysed labs.

Since lots of analyses disappaered from the net since Body of Science forum is closed, some previous Mods of this notorious forum asked me to make them available again I have an enormous amount of analyses that I still have to open-scan and tag, but slowly I'll post then here. Four to start with!!

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This is of Morning Star Labs.  This is an old lab that isn't around anymore.  A guy name Wicked ran it.

And lastly this is the Endosyn primo



The picture on the left are loose Anavar 20mg gelcaps from GLP (Karius Lab).  This is his oral line before he started Alpha Labs, but it was still after  the Olympic busts.

This picture on the right is of the loose generic Oral Turinabol tablets from Pep.

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I posted the reports above. We receive from the analytical lab much more info. We get the HPLC chromatogram, that shows all peaks at different retentiontimes. Her I'll post the complete line of the Morning Star analyses


On the right you can watch the total erea report that shows all earea and erea percentages in retention times.


The results are checked by running them through one or more databases, that check the results with all kind of compounds. Mostly metabolic products of the carrier -the perservatives the solvents and co-solvent and most important of course the solvae (the active ingredient in this case Testosterone enanthate).

Then we also sometimes find proof of the fact that the UG Lab used food-grade or even worse industrial-grade liquids. The prices of the products went down and some labs want to be attractive to new potential buyers and start using low cost oils (carriers) and API's. In the picture Arachide oil food-grade and pharma-grade.