TotaLee Awesome Tris: Training Tips from Lee Haney

by Lee Haney

Back when I was competing the guy with the most envied triceps in the game was Mike Christian. His triceps were very impressive--big, full and cross-striated. His were the standard by which all other triceps were measured, and I made it my goal to match or exceed even his level of development. Of course, each of us must work within our own genetic constraints. Christian happened to be blessed with great genes for triceps, and he certainly made the most of them. I figured my genes weren't too shabby, either, and that with the right amount of effort, I could draw the judges' attention away from his to my own.

Heres a great read from a Competitive Female BB and well respected member of our community.

Lots of people have very strong convictions against women using steroids. The most common misconceptions involve the strain of though that steroids will turn a woman into a muscle-bound man with a vagina. Although this may be true in some cases, the fact remains that steroids could be very beneficial to women.

Treasure Your Chest

Take a good, hard look at your pecs, then use these tips to improve them

People always seem to mention my chest when discussing my bodybuilding physique. You might say it was my best bodypart. You could also say that I’m something of an authority on the subject, considering how well-developed my pecs were.


Train your biceps from all angles – and hit your forearms while you’re at it – with this arm arsenal


Step off the treadmill a little earlier and start doing some bigger lifts – only then will you be sufficiently shredded

You almost never eat French fries or donuts or Dairy Queen Blizzards, and pizza is only for cheat days, so you’ve ruled out a crappy diet. You hit the gym five, sometimes six, days a week with a good dose of cardio and lifting, and yet you still don’t know what the problem is. Why am I still not ripped, you wonder. Why am I killing myself in the gym without a six-pack and an abundance of striated muscles to show for it?  

You’re right, diet may not be the answer. And genetics isn’t necessarily to blame either. There’s a good chance that all the work you’re doing is undermining your efforts of getting lean. The fact that you’re frequenting the gym isn’t the issue; it’s what you’re doing once you get there.

If your cardio sessions drag on forever and the dumbbells you use always seem to come from the lighter side of the rack – that could be your problem right there. We think we may have just discovered the three main training reasons why people aren’t getting shredded, and it’s time to put an end to it, once and for all.

7 Days to Ultimate Leanness

by Chris "Swolecat" Janusz

You’ve been dieting for a while now with great success. You’ve shed your layer of winter blubber and now you’re ready to show everyone the new you.

Bench press alternatives


Have you ever seen an optical illusion? A sketch of a young woman is actually the face of an old lady; or the outline of a bird, an old man. Look at them long enough, and all of a sudden you see the image in a new light, bringing new depth and meaning to the artwork. Well, it’s time to take a good, long look around the gym for some of the best chest exercises that you’ve looked at but never really seen. Look hard because they’re there. In fact, they’re closer than you think.

That’s right. We’re pointing to the bench press. Long claimed to be the single-best chest exercise to which nothing else could compare. We dare you to take another look at the bench press. We found two that are better than the standard bench press. But rather than have you run to other areas of the gym in search of that holy grail of chest equipment, we have to clarify the asterisk we placed on that previous remark. What we’re really trying to tell you is that there are some pretty incredible techniques that can make the all-powerful bench press even mightier than it already is. Techniques and methods that, when done properly, can add pounds to your bench and inches to your chest all at the same time.

We stand by our statement that both techniques are superior to the standard bench press. All that’s required is for you to take the time to look, learn, perfect and perform them. If you do, your chest will never be the same; if you don’t, it probably will.

First things first:
There are many reasons that bulking diets fail but here are a few of the most common reasons:
1) Calories are not high enough and putting on muscle mass fails

2) Calories are too high and macros percentages are not in check. This in turn leads to putting on sloppy weight (fat) as well as muscle.

3) You are BULKING, not CHEATING. Cheat days will be factored in, but your food choices should still be healthy. All diets, whether cutting or buking, need to be monitored. This means that watching your insulin spikes and TYPE of carb intake is still important.

4) You are what you eat. It’s just that simple. To simplify, you eat crap and you will look like crap.

That being said let’s talk calories and figuring out daily needs

Harris Benedict Formula for Calorie Calculations
“The Harris Benedict equation is a calorie formula using the variables of height, weight, age, and gender to calculate basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is more accurate than calculating calorie needs based on total body weight alone. The only factor it omits is lean body mass and thus the ratio of muscle-to-fat a body has. Remember, leaner bodies need more calories than less leaner ones. Therefore, this equation will be very accurate in all but the very muscular (Harris-Benedict will under-estimate calorie needs) and the very fat (Harris-Benedict will over-estimate calorie needs).”

Fast Food, Fast Nutrition

Eating on the run. Unless you're Mr. or Ms. Perfect, it's become a necessary evil these days. Although were suppose to have all the conveniences of the modern world, enough to make our lives easier, it just seems like there's less and less time in the day! Yet we know real gains in mass and controlling body fat require round-the-clock eating. What's the solution? How can you eat 5 to 6 meals daily in such a fast pace world? Of course you can live on Lean Body Shakes. That'll help. But you can utilize fast food joints, eating around the bad stuff and carefully selecting meals and items that are either low in fat or lower in sugar and refined carbohydrates. It's becoming easier too. With the onslaught of negative press aimed at such fast food establishments, many are currently in the process of slimming down, providing more healthy alternatives to the big Burger and super size fries. With that in mind, here's my simple guide to staying in shape at some of the top fast food establishments.


“One must train the deadlift in a multiyear plan. An 8 or 12 week cycle won’t work. For example, it may take 6 months to raise your hamstrings up to acceptable levels.”

Deadlift records have made little progress in recent years. I believe it is easy to add pounds to a squat or bench press due to more progressive equipment. The supportive gear, in Westside’s opinion, pushes one to gain bodyweight to increase the squat and bench press, but anyone, including myself, can tell you, if you’re too heavy, your pull is destroyed.