roid rage

Bodybuilding and Sex,


Are these two connected, then? Yes, and this decisively. Our sexual impulses are directly steered by our sex hormones  the same hormones that are commonly used in bodybuilding, have a massive influence on our body and mind and our lust,  this is also characterized by changes on our sex organs, something that women a suffer more, but more on that later.

Disproportionately muscular men and women generally attract more attention from both men and women. Not to long ago, bodybuilding was the sport of gay men. "Real men do not do such thing" and "they are not strong, their muscles are not real". In many gay magazines were and are naked bodybuilders depicted, especially in U.S. where this topic is much more controversial and these topics are not nearly as open as Europe . Olympian Tony P. was a very popular model, mostly because he was heavy shaped, also from Arnold Schw. You can effortlessly find nude pictures on the internet. Not long ago, a Dutch bodybuilding magazine published an article about "Arnold prostitute". Yet it was Arnold who made our sport widely accepted, right? Many wealthy American gays sponsor bodybuilders and are accompanied by them and have sex with them and pay them, of course, a lot of money, because all these hormones are very expensive. The murdered Gianni Versace, was such an example. Many of us remember that television commercial equivalent, with Ed van Amsterdam ... "a little strange, but nice" ...