Bodybuilding and Sex

Bodybuilding and Sex,


Are these two connected, then? Yes, and this decisively. Our sexual impulses are directly steered by our sex hormones  the same hormones that are commonly used in bodybuilding, have a massive influence on our body and mind and our lust,  this is also characterized by changes on our sex organs, something that women a suffer more, but more on that later.

Disproportionately muscular men and women generally attract more attention from both men and women. Not to long ago, bodybuilding was the sport of gay men. "Real men do not do such thing" and "they are not strong, their muscles are not real". In many gay magazines were and are naked bodybuilders depicted, especially in U.S. where this topic is much more controversial and these topics are not nearly as open as Europe . Olympian Tony P. was a very popular model, mostly because he was heavy shaped, also from Arnold Schw. You can effortlessly find nude pictures on the internet. Not long ago, a Dutch bodybuilding magazine published an article about "Arnold prostitute". Yet it was Arnold who made our sport widely accepted, right? Many wealthy American gays sponsor bodybuilders and are accompanied by them and have sex with them and pay them, of course, a lot of money, because all these hormones are very expensive. The murdered Gianni Versace, was such an example. Many of us remember that television commercial equivalent, with Ed van Amsterdam ... "a little strange, but nice" ...

When women are on heavy workout supplementation combined with the low percentage of fat causes the disappearance of the female breast tissue, in nude photography such small breasts still aesthetically pleasing, but on the competition stage were all these massive women with their crumpled up tops, ridiculous looking,completely out of proportion!

Now implants were banned from bodybuilding competition, since many bodybuilders  used shoulder and calf implants mainly to reduce their genetic disadvantage. Joe Weider himself intervened and allowed breast implants for women. Many, especially American athletes, allowed themselves generous sizes. The extreme steroid use made women's bodybuilding to a "freak show", and the public stayed away. When critics announced that the former Miss Olympia, needed strong adhesive tape in her tight bikini to uphold the shape of femenism, for many bodybuilding fans this was grotesk. Again Joe Weider took the lead, he invited the beauty and splendor woman athlete Juliëtte Bergman for the Miss Olympia, and made sure she left with the title. Joe ordered indirectly: thus far and no further. In an interview with Juliet, which you can also read on this site, Juliëtte indicates that some people, offer exorbitant amounts of money for a sexual adventure with her. This also proves once again that the physically strong bodybuilders are associated with eroticism. If you read this,  you probably think that I'm a great admirer of Weider ...on the contrary ... but here he showed vision!
Especially in the prudish America, the pornography and the Internet digisex magnified, and in this case websites like offer a look behind the "scenes". Also on sites like Snuffx ,Superzooi etc nude pictures of male and female bodybuilders are appearing. To link them all is not our job, but enter sexy muscle babes or musclemen at the search engines will definitely help you on your way.

Today, a musclar body is desired, and since women also admitted to find that sexually attractive, just think of the halls full of stirred up women watching the Chippendales, many men seek this ideal. Young guys don’t want to waste time to grow, and in this erea of pills and powders, directly start to use steroids and fat burners. You do not believe the questions I receive by mail and p.m. from young women who seriously want to take dianabol. Androgens in women which provide a strong growth of the clitoris and a corresponding strong sexual desire and lust ( and… male body hair, a hoarse deep voice and masculine features), this is expressed differently in males. Anyone who ever has gone heavily into the steroid cycling, knows that first you can expect a strong increase in your libido and sexual needs and phantasies, if you continue with heavy aas usage, these feelings disappear and changes slowly in complete sexual disinterest. Many bodybuilders and football players (along with wrestlers an equally large group of cosmetic steroid users) after years of consecutive use, find their testicles shrunk to the size of a raisin, a form of chemical castration that completely killed the need to be together for life with someone of the opposite sex . These people are so obsessed with their sport, that in their life woman and / or children have no place.

What do high testosterone levels with a man? I remember an article by Cy Wilson, where he wrote that if women only once would expirience that testsoterone feeling, they  would understand  that fascination from men for sex and other women. Testosterone spices  life, it makes your loins tingle. You let your eyes gaze over the  body of every attractive woman, your mood, thirst for action and "lust for life"  increase, your training is not by far heavy enough. This week I saw a groups of athletes, who were clearly in the middle of their cycle, drooling like and like one man running to the window when  a lovely girl in black leggings walked past.  That’s what testosterone does to you. I will try not to be too lyrical, because I'm ,like you'll have have understood by now, on the Miracle Juice.

Every rose HAS its thorn, and also Testosterone usage has drawbacks, especially if  not used properly, now I will not speak again about bad bloodlipid levels etc etc, but by example about  the rapid transition to aggression if your wife or girlfriend doen’t want to give in (again) to your sexual desires, and the clear urge to take by force if it is not given, especially to those who have ever used Halotestin, this must sound familiar. If you have ever cycled with these heavy compounds, you know, you never should be alone with an attractive girl who is not yours. Countless marriages and relationships have stranded on the excessive use of AAS. Even good friendships ended due to these substances. Many athletes do not even speak again with their former training partners, also your moodswings can get very negative, especially in athletes who use/abuse almost constantly. Read the article "The man who exploded" and "Roid Rage"  on this site, where some of these issues are discussed . The use of testosterone can cause a swollen prostate, problems urinating and ejaculation, a problem you can solve by using Proviron. As already described in WAR, taking more than four tablets a day may provide a strong, partly pronounced sexual overstimulation, and also Proviron provides an enlarged the amount of sperm. I personally know a bodybuilder who goes to kinky parties, in the weeks preceding, he uses four Proviron tablets per day.

The moral of this story: Once again… you must deal with these means mature and sensible, it's like with alcohol, weed, ecstasy, cigarettes etc means that should be used gradually and in moderation to fully enjoy, you must remain in control. Otherwise you’ll ruin your body and mind. If your wife / girlfriend knows that you use and agrees, together you can have fun with your strongly increased need for eroticism. Moreover, she can serve as a watchdog that warns you when it threatens to go wrong.


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