I get many questions about infections or even abcesses. Mostly people blame the Underground Lab, posting the product was not sterile etc. In reality its better first to check on Google if you can find more cases of infection. Because a batch is in most cases much bigger than 1 vial. Most UG labs manufactur a kilo of API  (raw powder). A batch of 250 mg/ml wil therefore be around 400 pcs.

The culprit in most cases is a lack of knowledge. I’ve seen many times that bodybuilders injected each other or themselves. They clean the injectionspot with alcohol (betadine is much and much better) and immidiatly pierce the skin. After the injection they pull up their pants and boxer. They mostly forget that they have created an open wound, a small one but bacteria are small too.

Once you have desinfected the skin you should wait some time to allow the bacteria to die, before you pierce the skin.

You should also desinfect the top of the vial you keep in the basement or fridge. And use clean needles and syringes. Wash your hands carefully also.

Here you can read how an extremely knowledgeble competing bodybuilder managed to contaminate his vial. When I showed him the analytical reports he realised how lucky he had been for quite some time. He was injecting so much for such a long time that he had become careless about sterility.



You will notice in an infection (usually) within 3 days and it will be red, sensitive to the touch and will seem to spread. Irritiation for the for first days will be very much the same so it can be stressful during that time to determine what is what.

First off its always a good idea to have some antibiotics handy just in case. Even with pharmaceutical gear from compounding pharmacies you can still get infections from a various amount of reasons. You mentioned injecting in the tricep. Thats a great area to site inject but can be tricky. you need to make sure you flex the tricep fully and find the peak. Watch it carefully as you relax the arm (should be bent 90 degrees not straight) and inject in the center of the meaty portion of the peak. It is very easy to be off center or to hit the outside head where there is not much space and the subsequent expansion of the muscle accompanied with the 2 propionate esters in sustanon to cause some pretty uncomfortable irritation. If the site has not been swabbed with alcohol and a frest needle used that can place bacteria in the injection site.