Is This The Perfect Drug To Use In-Between Steroid Cycles?

SARMS is the latest addition to the enhanced athletes arsenal and it’s creating a storm of controversy. It may very well be most significant advancement in muscle development since the invention of Dianabol back in 1956. A bold statement for sure. But SARMS is truly an incredible compound with many applications, most significantly, as a viable anabolic enhancement to be used in-between steroid cycles.

SARMS is not a steroid. It is the veritable “next step” beyond steroids. It’s a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, which essentially means it targets the androgen receptors in a way where they’re most beneficial while avoiding the nasty side effects that go along with traditional androgenic drugs.

Due to that elusive combination of good without the bad, SARMS has been hailed as the “Holy Grail of Muscle Growth.” It’s what all athletes have been waiting and wishing for. Think of it as pizza without calories, alcohol without the hangover and safe sex without condoms. Is that possible? Yes it is. But there are limitations. (Damn!) But rest assured, they’re minor. There is a catch – there always is. But in the case of SARMS, the catch isn’t that bad.

For one thing, SARMS will not work like mega doses of steroids. You would not be able to take supraphysiological dosages in order to gain massive size on the order of a gram of testosterone. Its benefits work within a specific dosage range . In that regard, SARMS is unique. A good comparison would be to aspirin, which will always lower a temperature from a fever, but no lower than 98.6. However, MORE aspirin will not improve the condition. There’s that “sweet spot” where it works its magic with virtually no risk. SARMS is like that. In controlled dosages it’s a non toxic, non suppressive compound that works like steroids, but without the side effects. But beyond a certain dosage, it doesn’t work much better. It’s a sort of “built in safety net.” 50ml a day is an effective dosage with 100mls a day being the cut-off point to avoid any negative side effects.

The potential and the possibilities are as compelling as they are enticing, but one area where SARMS is becoming increasingly popular is in the area of “bridging.”

A “bridge” is essentially a description of using any compound that will maintain the gains of the former cycle on through to the next cycle, months later. How to best do that has been a controversial topic for some time. In the past, bodybuilders have attempted to sustain the effects of a steroid cycle by using a milder , less suppressive steroid (such as Primobolin) in-between cycles. Another method of attempting a “bridge” was to use a short acting oral in the A.M so that it would not be active past a four hour window. In this way one may (theoretically) recover over-night, resulting in the body managing to restore its natural hormonal balance. Unfortunately, neither game plan was especially successful for even a low dose of any steroid will cause suppression and hinder recovery. But remember, SARMS isn’t a steroid. It works on an entirely different principle – that of being “selective” to muscle. And at 50 mls a day it’s been shown to have no suppressive effects. (Unless dosing exceeds several months). This makes SARMS the perfect choice to be used in-between cycles. You won’t make massive gains while on but you’ll hold onto your gains and still be in an “enhanced” state without fear of suppression. Not a bad deal.

It would make far more sense to “bridge” using SARMS on its own, or with natural supplements in order for the body to maintain ultimate anabolism without suppression. As much as using a less suppressive steroid may seem to make sense, ANY steroid even in low dosages will suppress, delay recovery, and ultimately work against the process of recovering from a cycle. It will also minimize the results of the NEXT cycle since the receptors would not have had a chance to replenish. This is what makes SARMS superior for this purpose.

Another similar method that’s becoming popular is to use SARMS as a “mini-cycle” in-between steroid cycles. In other words, once you finish your course of steroids and do a proper PCT and settle into being “natural”, after a while you can use SARMS daily for a 4 week run. In this way you can bump up gains, increase muscle density, improve lifts and burn fat – all without deregulating androgen receptors or compromising the HPTA. (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis). Never before has this been possible.

A PCT following a SARMS cycle may not be necessary. Some OTC supplements may be all you need to get back to baseline. SARMS won’t aromatize so there’s no fear of developing gyno or other estrogen related conditions.

SARMS has many uses and having an anabolic/androgenic advantages while off cycle may be the most significant of all.