February 2021

Should each working set be at maximal effort every workout? There are many schools of thought here but the short answer is - no! Though a novice lifter may attempt their 1rpm max every single workout, they eventually plateau and we are often faced with the fact that your 1rpm changes day-to-day, week-to-week, and so on. With exception to newbie gains and PEDS, your body simply cannot achieve the same numerical level of greatness each workout - not forever.

Testosterone Cypionate is more prone to supersaturation when compared with Testosterone Enanthate.  This makes it more susceptible to crystallization under certain preventable circumstances, explained in more detail later.

Manufacturers of cypionate globally provide the universal advice to inspect your testosterone medication for crystal particulate matter before administering.  If crystals are present, they recommend warming the solution and shaking to dissolve.  Investigation reports have reassuringly confirmed that this process doesn’t negatively affect the testosterone in any way.

One thing is clear – without the proper guidance, the right rep range is UNCLEAR. When most start lifting, chances are good they are not following a program. If you are, you might have all your ducks in a row, making progress, as your bros just keep repping and repping over and over. 
Blood Flow Restriction, often referred to as “BFR”, has become increasingly popular over the last few years as a different way to train for hypertrophy. Its efficacy, under this application, has been a topic under debate for decades. Few have heard of it and fewer have tried it. 
The last 10 years of technological innovation has really help put Bodybuilding back on the radar. Though, Bodybuilding has always been a thriving industry, the advent of social media and smart phones have given the newest generation of bodybuilders more media coverage than the older guys could ever get.