February 2017

From Beauty Queen to Fighter

I was reading a muscle magazine and I read about Whitney Miller who is a very unusual girl in the Fitness industry. She was Miss Texas 2012, and subsequently Miss United States 2012, but not only she is also a professional wake surfer, a Fitness model and a TV host.

That’s all nice and beautiful but why would I write a blogpost about her? Well after her beauty contests she took up kickboxing to stay in shape. Then she made the decision to pursue a career in combat sports. From Brazilian jiu-jitsu to MMA and in 2016 she made her amateur boxing debut against River Fuller.

And she not only good looking but also very open on her unusual recreational and supplemental drug use. On the net you can find many interviews with her and I combined some to a i.m.o. nice overview.

In every gym you can find people that go through their training routine with the same exercises, repetitions and sets. With all the well paid top athletes it is only normal that our scientific community studies the best number of sets – repetitions and intensity, to meet the different goals of the athletes. Of course most gymgoers also have ideas on this subject.

Recently Nolvadex (tamoxifen) has become a bad reputation, especially since some moderators and discussionboard members copy paste articles, that contain alarming percentages about high decreases in IGF-1 and free testosterone after tamoxifen usage. This coupled with spectacular increases in adipose tissue.

But is that true? What we know is that Old School bodybuilders used Nolvadex and Clomid during their cycle and in the PCT. Thus is tamoxifen aka nolva that bad? Let’s take a closer look.