Shree Vanketesh

Licenses and contracting.

Years ago when the counterfeit and fake steroids started to ruin the industry. We made the buyers aware of that fact and we started to teach the members via  the messageboards to check the available information on the product and the boxes and leaflets.

What is a license, lets take Sustanon from Organon in the Netherlands as an example. Sustanon is a brand name for a combination of four different estrifications of testosterone. It was meant as a medicine for men with low endogenous (made by their own body) testosterone . Thus mostly older men. These men had to come to their doctor for frequent injections. Not really convenient for both. Thats why scientist started to prolong the effect from testosterone by adding an estrification. Because HRT (hormone replacement therapy) aimed on a balanced bloodserum value without to much peaks, they made that mix of different esters. It was a big succes througout the world and many countries wanted to use this drug for its male population. The brandname Sustanon, Sostanon and Sustenon where used in different countries. Contracters made this product cheaper locally. Bodybuilders know the mythical names like Karachi Sustanon (made by Abbot laboratories) and NILE Sustanon from Egypt. They made the exact formulation and quality that the original company(called license holder) used as standard and They where also allowed to use the brandname.