The effect of high doses of  AAS on the genitals and the use of HCG and HMG to protect and restore atrophy

 What follows is a subject not often discussed and controversial. I’ll describe a situation most of you will partly or completely be familiar with.

 After a long winter you tan on a sun-kissed beach. Some perfectly shaped beautiful girls keep a close eye on your ripped muscular body. The result of a winter of heavy work-outs an a good diet plan. And lets face it, a good cycle. You decide to give the ladies a better view and  walk into the sea. You walk in like a God. When you walk out, the wet trunks show painfully clear that your male pride shrunk by at least fifty percent. The cold water caused your genitals to shrink, sounds familiar, right?

 What cold water caused, can also be caused by the use/abuse of to many androgens or during or after a wrong designed cycle and PCT. Your testicals shrink, but not only that, your scrotum shrinks too and your balls retract into your groin. Your dick feels cold and even thinner and smaller. Your libido is dead and when you do come-off, your ejaculate volume is less then it used to be and sometimes is even painful. This is mostly accompanied with growth of your prostate that makes you feel like you constantly need to urinate. And when you did, it feels like you still have to pee and afterwards are still dripping. It looks like reversed puberty. Or worse you're getting OOOLD!!smiley