Luckily "gyno", or in this case lipomastia, does not always look that bad. Oftentimes it is more subtle, yet still annoying a psychological burden for men suffering from it. This pictures alone should be reason enough to give all the 45+ contributing mentioned in this article a wide, wide berth

If you type "gynecomastia" into your favorite search engine, your chances to find one of the major fitness and bodybuilding forums among your first hits are about 99%. This indicates that gynecomastia, lipomastia, "bitch tits", "fat tits" and whatever else many people use to measure by the same yardstick is much more prevalent than you would think if you conducted a survey on the street. The reasons for that are manifold. Men, who frequent those bulletin boards are oftentimes more conscious about their looks than Mr. Average, they are also more prone to be exposed to exogenous hormonal agents that can contribute to the development of the aforementioned unaesthetic pathologies. Most importantly, though, gynecomastia is something you don't talk about. You have it, you suffer, but you don't talk publicly about it - after all, that would just make you even more unmanly! Right? No, false! Utterly false!

In fact, the widespread implicit understanding that the above statement was right is a damn good reason for me to do the opposite and talk, or rather write about causes  and ways to get rid of this humiliating condition .