franco columbo

Abs and Core

The core has become a fitness buzzword. People seem to think core training is synonymous with abdominal training, which explains why various websites, blogs, trainers and television home shopping commercials, use that phrase to attract misinformed readers desperate for a six-pack. In truth, the core is much more than a six-pack, and it needs to be treated as such.

It's time to destroy misconceptions about core training and restore its true meaning. Endless sets of sit-ups and leg raises will only take your core so far. Eventually, your core will need to support heavy weight under serious stress when you squat, deadlift, or press. Kick the crunches aside and learn heavy lessons that build insane core strength!

Just because a strong healthy body with a six-pack, a tiny waist and a strong core is important for so many people, the fitness enthusiasts, the bodybuilders, the fighters (MMA, wrestlers, boxers, kick-boxers) but also the general population, especially the young generation that wants to look good with their shirt off and on the beach. There are so much different approaches to reach this goal.  Kettle bells, Medicine balls, jump ropes, slam balls  and suspension kits are only a few of the  instruments  used  to train the  core muscles.  And many gadgets to train the abs more about that later in this article.