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The science of topical fat loss 2

Lets face it almost everyone has some spots of fat he or she wants to get rid off. This is called spot-reduction. I wrote about it here //juicedmuscle.com/jmblog/content/helios-injectable-liposuction

This particular item was and is very popular and thats why the lab asked me to develop a lotion or cream. Because it became also very popular by females. A beauty clinic that also bougt phosphocholine (meso) products, wanted it for its female clients, that didn't want to inject on a daily basis and wanted to continue at home with a non-injectable alternative.I made a few different ones with a different formula. First of course the topical version of the injectable. Later a version with Glycyrrhetinic acid, becuase scientific research showed some stunning succes in fat loss with this active ingredient.. The lab later stopped production of creams and lotions due to the high price of the active ingredients and the big amount of work. They conciddered production in China, but decided to stick to their core business. I would really loved it to create new  topical products and tried them on female friends to messure the results as i used to, but...sad

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Yohimbine pharmacology


People not trained in the medical professions usually have the impression that, with thousands of medications stocked at a well-sorted pharmacy, we have the power to interfere with human physiology in thousands of ways, each specific to a certain medication.

But this impression is wrong. The scope of what can be achieved with medications in general is much narrower than commonly believed.

There are a few well-established fields in which we can achieve a physiological effect through pharmacological means, and these windows of therapy are widely exploited for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, and with dozens or hundreds of medications that all have a basically similar effect.