Almost every supplement or pro-hormone that really worked was banned, what we see now, more and more, is that FDA finds spiked supplements.

The  war on drugs is about to include supplements and is just going to bring down more FDA control of supplements, Matt Cahill a designer supplements manufacturer sold DMAA – SuperDrol and DNP. Now it seems Craze was spiked also.

Bodybuilders use PWO’s (pre work outs), mostly things like cialis to get a better pump. From the day I started to work with weights, I know that a few cups of strong black coffee would help during my work-out, many even use a lotta sugar in it but I don’t like sugar at all.

 If you google on spiked supplements you realize it is a known problem, not only in bodybuilding supplements and pwo’s but also in dietary supplements  -vitamins- sexual-enhancement supplements and especially in weight loss supplements. Part of the appeal of supplements is their apparent naturalness, so they often have a veneer of being safer than prescription drugs.