TB-500 or Thymosin Beta 4

Thymosin beta 4 ( akaTB500)

Bodybuilders once started to use Boldenone and Trenbolone which was meant for cattle to beef up. Als many vitamin preparations where used from France. Now a new and exiting veterinary peptide emerged. Now available  with an acetate estrification for use in humans.  It seems to help after hairloss too. It was first used in horses but now the first bodybuilders start to use it.  Now I hear more and more that top athletes try this new peptide.

TB-500 or Thymosin Beta 4, as it is called, is a exploration peptide that is tested primarily for its abilities to increase strength, endurance and restoration in subjects. It is often used in horses in the course of clinical trials and is sold for study purposes only. It is known to have many of the same effects of growth hormone in animals equating to results in humans that would be related to an increase in testosterone Inspite of. It has been shown to inhibit tumor growth making TB-500 a amazing product for research studies and with further testing, something that may become widely accepted in the minds of many.

TB-500 has been proven to speed up the therapeutic process in wounds as well as being used clinically for anti-inflammatory purposes. This is extremely important when it comes to competitive competitions or events as well as simple body maintenance. recovery times and pain relief occur much faster for the duration of use allowing for peak performance as well as a healthier well being. Subjects have also proven a slight increase in hair growth which is a positive side effect of TB-500 use. As you can see, research in animals has shown superior and appealing results in existing studies when it comes to its use.

In inclusion to the restoration aspects of using TB-500 as a exploration peptide, there are several other notable facts that are being discovered. Subjects have proven a significant increase in muscle growth which clearly improves strength and endurance as well as a huge enchancment in muscle tone itself. The improvement in flexibility due to its anti-inflammation components and known abilities to be able to stretch tissue safely have made this a favorite of those performing investigation in the area of performance and physical enchancments. exploration of this peptide on subjects is simply producing astonishing results in most cases.

Thymosin Beta 4 is not known to be anabolic in test animals however it does produce equivalent results. It is a peptide that is identified in wound tissue at high levels and it is naturally occurring in bodies. It is not considered or examined for growth as it is known for its regenerating and protecting effects. The strength and endurance improvements shown in studies are simply benefits that were found for the duration of clinical trials including to the benefits of its use. These are the good reasons studies are conducted on investigation peptides like TB-500. They are identified in cosmetics and medicines and used as the observedation of many products. Learning as much as we can about TB-500 and its benefits only improves and encourages its long term use.

TB-500 is sold as a exploration peptide and need to be used with that purpose in mind. You also need to make sure that any peptide you purchase is of the highest top quality and a purity that is safe for humans Despite this particular substance being used primarily in Mounts. You simply do not want to conduct research using anything that is of substandard quality. To produce the best results, purchase TB-500 peptides from a trustworthy and trustworthy supply for a passable price.

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After a just a little researching I think the deducted optimal dose for humans of 2 mg per week is way off.

It appears some bodybuilders came to that conclusion simply by using the mg/kg (or mg /lb) of bodyweight dosage used in horse and directly apllying it to humans.

The dosage recommended for a horse being 10mg/week and the average horse weighing 1000lbs, they deducted that the dosage for a 200lbs bodybuilder should be 2mg per week.

But this isnt how you do animal to human dosage conversion.

According to FED rules the correct formula to calculate human dosage from animal dosage in the following :

Human dose (mg/kg) = Animal dose (mg/kg) x Animal Km/Human Km

The article includes a conversion table that gives us the different values of that Km factor for different species, including humans. Unfortunately horses are not included (they aren't lab animals).

BUT they do give a value of Km for dogs.

And we do have a recommended dosage of TB500 for greyhounds : 5mg per week . This comes from the original TB500 manufacturer, MediVet, which is where we got the 10mg/week dosage for horses.

Now if the average geryhound weighs 32kg, the dose in mg/kg is 5/32=0.15625mg

The table included in the article gives us :

Dog Km = 20

Human Km = 37

So  Human TB500 dose = 5/32 x 20/37= 25/296 or approx 0.084459mg/kg

So the correct human dose for a for a 200lbs = 90.7kg man should be 7,66mg per week

Of course its only a gross approximation but it's probably much closer the the correct efficient dose than the 2mg/week that has been talked about until now."

 TB 500 is one of the hottest peptides. The downside thusfar was that scientists assumed that TB 500 doesn't cause cancer, but may cause proliferation of existing cancer of solid tumor cells (doesn't cause but promote the growth/proliferation) while inhibiting the growth/proliferation of other types of non solid cancer cells (multiple myloma, leukemia etc.)

There have been conflicting scientific research conclusions on migartion of cancercells but recent data suggest that it helps inhibiting cancer and that would be great news.

In the early studies Doctors noticed high amounts of thymosin in cancer patients, for example a lung cancer patient would have elevated levels in affected tissue, so it was thought that thymosin sped up the cancer process, but as they did more research and related the action of TB4 in the body, they concluded that TB4's main action was in the production of T-cells ( white cells) and therefore it was present in areas affected by cancer not to aid the disease but to fight it. Newer studies have concluded that tymosin 4 does not cause cancer , it will actually help in shrinking solid tumors since it helps produce antibodies, but it is not conclusive if it helps the spread of non-solid cancers, there have been conflicting conclusions on this subject, but I would lean for the studies that show TB4 not to aid but fight cancers, solely based on all the other benefits of the peptide. TB 500 is a miracle that helps with wound healing, muscle production, tendon and ligament healing , nerve repair, inflammation, brain tissue damage, hairloss, cardiac  repair (after a heart attack)  and even dopamine release. This is an actin that is in every human cell to help us heal so I would very much doubt it would want to kill us as well.


Did I allready mention that it is also very very hot amoung bodybuilders???
...and sure every peptide pharma delivers 97% pure vials for a few bucks.... buyer beware!!