Real and fake Norditropin Simplexx

There where many discussions about on many fora about counterfeited Nordiropin Simplexx and members conpared pictures and details from their products. One of our members was convinced he had bought some counterfeits. I asked our peptide lab to run some analyses. It turned out it was  a real item.

For me this proves that people once sure they don't have a genuine product are convinced from the fact this product can't give any REAL results. And as seen here this member was completely wrong. This however doesn't mean ALL Norditropins are real. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I have seen many counterfeits from this product some bad others very good..more about that later.

The data search (I have more data, but these are the most important results) did not impress me.

Thats why I decided to make a comparison of the SDS-PAGE from Norditropin and Hygetropin, this because many people still think that the cheap Chinese products are worse than European and US products. Better think again. They are much and much more expensive and much harder to get. The fact that the USA government is trying so hard to restrict availability of Chinese products is just to protect their taxpayers and their lobby, read the pharma.

Sometimes counterfeits even make it into the pharmacy shelves.