December 2021

So you made it through thanksgiving. It's now mid-December, and we still have New Years, Christmas (or Kwanzaa, Yule, or other holidays you may celebrate), so your calendar is likely to be packed with family responsibilities, travel, and festive outings with a variety of delectable delights, alcohol, and all around partying. 
What if we changed our eating and lifestyle habits not to lose weight but to improve our sex lives? What if a shift in mindset was all it took to improve our metabolic health and happiness along the way? After all, a healthy libido is an indication of a healthy body in general.
Grip strength is vital for a reason: it's required for practically every activity.
Let's put the weights aside for a minute. You use your grip strength when you pick up a box, move a chair, vacuum, fry an egg, or even drive. Cricket, golf, tennis, mountain climbing, and rugby are among sports that demand good grip. 

Whatever you focus on expands, as it has been said many times. "Whatever you focus on, whether positive or negative, is what you get," I explain, "so focus on the positive and you'll attract more positive into your life."

I'm not claiming that I'm constantly in a good mood or that simply thinking positive thoughts will get you where you want to go. Negative ideas creep up on me, too, but I don't let them last as long as they used to. Look out, world, when I'm focused. I believe we can do practically anything if we FOCUS.