December 2016

Faithful readers of this blog know that made many blogposts about the influence of Testosterone on libido as well as hypogonadism on men. But it takes two to tango. Thus lets focus on the women in this regard. Don’t be mistaken women, just like men, use all kinds of drugs to start, restore, maintain or enhance their libido, especially when growing older.

Most bodybuilders look down Aspirin, and consider it too weak and mild to be used as a drug to treat the severe pain caused by heavy bodybuilding and powerlifting training. Too mild to effectively treat pain on back, tendons, joints and muscles. Most of them strongly believe you need the harsher means like the for bodybuilders, wrestlers, powerlifters and other iron warriors notorious Nubain. The brand name was discontinued in 2008, but the generic versions are still easy to obtain.

But why would you want to use such an addictive, ruining and dangerous drug, if other over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers can ease your aches and help you get on with your heavy training. NSAIDs are one of two major types of OTC pain relievers.

The Training Partner (spotter)

Often a good training partner is a good friend, or will become one. I met my last training buddy when I changed gyms, I knew him from a powerlifting team we both competed in. For many years he came to my house with his car to pick me up for our work-outs. When one us of us didn’t feel well or didn’t feel like training heavy, we pushed each other to the limit.

A good training partner (spotter) feels when you need help, and he keeps out when you do not need it. A good training partner knows also about what or how much you can manage, and he knows above all, if you really can no longer lift it, without some help. And a good training partner can deal with the weight with which you train also in an emergency. What does it help, if you do not only have the weight on your chest, but also your spotter?






In waves we see new researches or surveys, on already known terms and conditions. It mostly has a snowball effect, when a study has figures sometimes even fabricated ones, other media start to bring the results and we on our turn discuss those on the discussion bodybuilding boards. Pieces of text like this one, makes us think: